Leave Policy

Image: Students in the Kennedy Center

Voluntary Leave of Absence Policy

Students in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing who have been called to active duty in the military (military order required) may apply for a leave of absence.

To initiate a leave, students will complete the LEAVE APPLICATION and schedule an appointment with their advisor or the associate academic dean. In addition, the student must discuss the effect a leave will have on financial aid and billing with a financial aid counselor. Students should consult with other campus resources such as Student Accounts, Residential Life and Commuter Services, and Athletics (student athletes).

Students may take leave for one or two semesters (a maximum of 180 days). To extend a leave from one semester to two semesters, students must submit a leave renewal form prior to the start of the second semester. To return to the College from a leave, students must submit a return from leave form.

Administrative leave of absence may be granted if the student is unable to complete the leave application or at the discretion of the dean or associate dean of the College.

Leave Renewal and Return Forms

Students on a leave must complete a LEAVE RENEWAL FORM prior to the start of their second semester of leave in order to retain that status. If a student fails to complete the leave renewal form, they are withdrawn by the end of the second week of that term. Hiram College requires withdrawn students to apply for readmission when they wish to return.

Students on a leave who wish to return must complete a LEAVE RETURN FORM prior to the start of the term they wish to return.

Policy Notes:
  • Students will retain their email during leave.
  • Students may keep their iPad for one semester while on leave.  After that semester, they must return the iPad or be billed for it.
  • Students are not permitted to live on campus or use facilities during a leave period since they are not maintaining full-time student status.
  • A student who fails to return from a leave of absence will be withdrawn from Hiram College as of the date the student last attended classes.
  • Any time away from the College will delay graduation.