Image: Garfield Center for Public Leadership

Our Partners

Cuyahoga Community College

GCPL has been working closely with the Mandel Humanities Center at Cuyahoga Community College since 2019. This partnership grew out of a shared recognition on the part of both GCPL and Mandel leadership that 1) the goals of the two organizations are very similar, in terms of providing a humanities-focused education for the future leaders of our society, and 2) the respective strengths of our organizations are very complimentary. Thanks to this partnership, GCPL students and Mandel students have had multiple opportunities to interact in the context of shared programming initiatives. In the process, GCPL has been able to extend its educational outreach efforts to more people in the Northeast Ohio region. 

Eisenhower Institute

GCPL launched its partnership with Gettysburg College’s Eisenhower Institute (EI) in 2022. Not only are GCPL and EI both committed to providing an in-depth education in public policy making for the leaders to tomorrow, but they also share remarkably well-paired traditions: specifically, these two organizations exist to reflect the visions and honor the legacies of the only two people to ever a) serve as President of the United States, b) attain the rank of General in the US Army, and c) run an institution of higher education. Thanks to this partnership, GCPL has been able to benefit from both a helpful partner as well as a homebase in the nation’s capital — via EI’s HQ in D.C. — for hosting public policy-focused seminars.    

Civility Leadership Institute

The Garfield Center for Public Leadership at Hiram College has partnered with the Civility Leadership Institute, which is part of General Wesley Clark’s Renew America Together organization (RATO). This is an exciting collaboration with opportunities for self-development, enrichment, and engagement in political discourse. The Civility Leadership Institute (CLI) convenes a diverse group of leaders from around the country for a year of training, learning, and crucial conversations. The Hiram College cohort will include a unique tie back to the college as well as a connection to the broader CLI network. Participants gain deeper understanding from each other while discussing important topics impacting our world today. For more information on this partnership, visit this page.

Hudson High School’s New Dimensions

The Garfield Center is pleased to partner with Hudson High School’s New Dimensions program. GCPL personnel meet on a regular basis at Hudson High School with the New D students and teaching staff, in order to discuss topics of civic interest. Likewise, New D students and staff regularly attend programming activities at Hiram which are hosted by the GCPL. This partnership has arisen naturally, due to the fact that New D and GCPL share the same essential mission of preparing young people, via both exceptional in-class learning and experiential extracurricular activities, to become highly engaged civic leaders throughout their lives. New Dimensions is a distinguished class offered to seniors at Hudson High School. Dating back to 1970, New Dimensions is a team-taught humanities/social science class that explores the human condition. Four foundational units on psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology are each supplemented by an English literature unit. Each student completes a year-long research paper on a topic of their choice. Outside of class, students are required to attend various educational opportunities, such as museums, speakers, and forums, culminating in a week-long trip to New York City.