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Majors and Minors

The Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature supports writers and readers in all disciplines at Hiram College. Student participants in Lindsay-Crane Center programming have majored in Art, Biochemistry, Biology, Communication, Creative Writing, Education, English, Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts and more.

The Center works particularly closely with the English Department to link its programming with concurrent coursework in English and Creative Writing.

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Creative Writing Major

Writing Minor

English Major and Minor

Professional Development Opportunities

The Center offers multiple opportunities outside the classroom. In combination with classwork, these experiences produce practiced and accomplished writers and professionals who are ready for careers or graduate work.

  • Internships. The Lindsay-Crane Center offers several on-campus internships with the Center and the Hiram Poetry Review. It also assists students in identifying and applying for off-campus internships at area arts organizations, publishers, corporations, and magazines.
  • Opportunities to attend conferences. The Lindsay-Crane Center works with students to submit their creative and scholarly work to regional and national conferences.
  • Writing Assistantships. Students gain teaching experience as trained writing assistants for the Writing Center and in the First-Year Seminar program, an opportunity not usually available until graduate school. This distinctive experience makes our students more likely to get teaching assistantships in graduate school.
  • Leadership positions. Students work as staff members for the Emerging Writers Workshop and the Lindsay-Crane Center’s community reading programs. Students also hold leadership positions in student arts organizations, including the Hiram Writers Association.
  • Student readings and scholarly presentations. Students have opportunities to share their work in public forums, including the Evening of Hiram Writers and practice sessions for students preparing to present at conferences.
  • A regional and national reputation for a specialty in creative nonfiction. The Lindsay-Crane Center regularly brings nonfiction writers to campus, where students have the opportunity to interact with them in intimate settings, such as classes and lunch discussions. Students can submit their work annually to the Gillmer Kroehle Contest in Creative Nonfiction.


  • Writing about Food
  • Teaching and Supervising of Writing
  • Writing for Publication
  • Shakespeare in Performance
  • Literary Perspectives on Women
  • Screenwriting
  • Craft and Technique: Nonfiction

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