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This national journal has been in continuous publication since 1966. It is published annually and edited by Professor Willard Greenwood and a team of student editorial assistants.

Latest Issue – Spring 2021

Hiram Poetry Review - Spring 2021

Editor’s Note

Welcome to our second pandemic issue. I’ll take this moment to thank my readers here at the HPR for making this issue my favorite thus far. They will have the same challenge next year. The poems in here have one thing in common—we liked them immediately. By the range of subject matter and style in this issue, you can tell that the State of the Poem is STRONG. I appreciate all of the bold submissions that made our office lively this year. In particular, Jim Daniels’ inspired prose poem and Cecil Morris’ elegy/lament kept us talking. Here are a couple of my thoughts regarding the melancholy in this issue.

During an interview with Keanu Reeves (let me paraphrase here), Stephen Colbert asks Keanu what love means to him and he replies that it means that the people who love us will miss us when we are gone. Mr. Colbert simply shook his hand. I am reminded of a few of Hamlet’s last words. As he is his dying, he tells Horatio and the audience to “Absent thee from felicity awhile…”. Hamlet’s modest request to have his death recognized as us being unhappy for a moment echoes some moments in these pages. These are indeed tough and unhappy times. With that in mind, the HPR thanks and relies on our readers and subscribers.

As always, much appreciation for the beautiful mind of HPR reviewer, Charles Parsons, for his review of Naomi Shihab Nye’s new book.

Willard Greenwood
Editor, HPR

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