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The Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature produces the following publications, providing students with multiple opportunities to gain writing and editing experience during their undergraduate careers.

Hiram Poetry Review


This national journal has been in continuous publication since 1966. It is published annually and edited by Professor Willard Greenwood and a team of student editorial assistants.

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amaranth Newsletter

From 2012 to 2016, the Lindsay-Crane Center produced a regular newsletter that profiled recent and upcoming events as well as people involved with the Center. Many of the articles are written by Lindsay-Crane Center interns.

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  • Books

    The Lindsay-Crane Center has produced Hiram, U.S.A., a collection of essays about Hiram College by Hiram students. The book was edited by Hiram College students in a Professional Editing class.

    The Lindsay-Crane Monograph Series

    The monographs are a series of short pamphlets on a range of topics, many closely connected to Hiram College and the surrounding area.

    • Issue 1: A Hart Crane Retrospective
      The first monograph in the series draws from the 2007 Bissell Symposium that focused on poet Hart Crane. The symposium brought Crane scholars from all over the country to discuss Crane’s legacy and impact on American literature.
    • Issue 2: From Vagabond to Visiting Poet — The Life and Times of Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
      This monograph includes the text of a lecture delivered at Hiram College in October 2008 by Professor Michael Chasar about poet, artist, and Hiram College student Vachel Lindsay. Chasar looked at Lindsay’s pioneering effort to introduce the concept of the “visiting poet” into the university.
    • Issue 3: Playing for Keeps — The American Fifties in Plastic and Tin
      The third monograph reprints a lecture given by Professor Jeffrey Hammond at Hiram College in October 2009. The essay considers the Marx toy sets of the 1950s and asks: What lessons about history did these toys instill in the children who played with them? Why did those same children need to relearn so many of these lessons as they grew up?
    • Issue 4: Of the Living Soil
      In this monograph, Gracie D’Angelo ’12 writes about her experience at the Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community, a nonprofit organization in Hiram that works with autistic adults. This monograph was supported and funded by the Center for Engaged Ethics, the Chaplain’s Office in the name of Tom and Betty Nichols, and the Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature.
    • Issue 5: The Life of Hart Crane — A Short Biography
      The fifth monograph in the series traces the life of poet Hart Crane through the places in our region that reflect his presence, particularly sites in neighboring Garrettsville, where Crane was born.