HIram Poetry Review

Image: Student in the writing center

This national journal has been in continuous publication since 1966. It is published annually and edited by Professor Willard Greenwood and a team of student editorial assistants.

Latest Issue – Spring 2022

Hiram Poetry Review 2022

Welcome to our what is hopefully our last pandemic issue. Please know that our archives are now housed on the Hiram College website. You might still find our wordpress site, but it is not up to date.

FYI—we still love getting snail mail submissions. I mention this because we have only a limited number of submissions on submittable.

There’s a powerful range of poems in this issue— one speculates about the violence in Ukraine and in another we are drawn into an incarcerated writer’s profane and profound stream of consciousness. These poems show us comedy and cruelty and for a moment in these witchy times take us into what Nabokov called, “the refuge of art.”

Willard Greenwood
Editor, HPR