HIram Poetry Review

Image: Student in the writing center

This national journal has been in continuous publication since 1966. It is published annually and edited by Professor Willard Greenwood and a team of student editorial assistants.

Latest Issue – Spring 2023

Hiram Poetry Review Spring 2023

Welcome to Issue #84, which is a farewell for a dedicated and excellent reader at the HPR, Lauren Hildum. Lauren has also supplied brilliant cover photographs for the past four issues of the iconic (I hope you don’t mind if I say iconic) HPR. We will miss her aesthetic sensibilities for photography and for poetry. This issue features some of our usual suspects, but it’s also a delight to discover poets. The HPR is picky, and we always wonder if there will be enough poems to make an issue. FYI, this issue is all killer and no filler. I think I am plagiarizing that phrase from something I heard in the 90s. Please take a moment to savor the great work from our staff reviewer, Charles Parsons, who knows the HPR’s history and aesthetic history and suits his reviews accordingly.

Willard Greenwood
Editor, HPR