Hiram College

Seminar Series

The purpose of the seminars is to bring to the campus persons whose own responsible leadership enables them to help clarify issues of public policy and provide opportunities for students to network and interact with these external experts. Each seminar topic is researched by a group of four to five Garfield Scholars. The research is then shared with the larger group of scholars, compiled and will be presented along with a critique of the seminar to the Advisory Council in May. All of the seminars have been well attended by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and greater community leaders. The Garfield Center has already been remarkably successful in exposing the local public to thoughtful discussion of public issues and in promoting the aspirations of the Center's own students toward careers in public leadership and service.


    The Challenges of Negotiation and Implementation

    The seminar will explore the prospects, opportunities,
    and obstacles for an agreement from the perspective of two former
    U.S. government officials who have engaged in similar negotiations and agreement
    implementation in the past.