Hiram College
Norah Ali  

Norah Ali ’20

Norah is pursuing a degree in Physics with a minor in Political Science. She is interested in learning more about public policy and the current world state. Norah hopes to pursue a Masters or PhD after Hiram.


Abbey Anderson ’22

Abbey is majoring in Biomedical Humanities with a pre-med focus and a minor in Spanish. She served as the 2018-2019 captain of the Hiram College Cheer and Stunt Team. Abbey hopes to join the U.S. Airforce after graduation, entering as a medical student.


Brett Bentkowski ’21

Brett is a junior majoring in Biomedical Humanities with plans to add a biochemistry major. He is a resident assistant, and works in the Hiram College Admissions office. Brett plans to go to medical school to become a trauma surgeon. He hopes to travel with Doctors Without Borders.


Lana Dahman ’20

Lana is a junior nursing major and a Biomedical Humanities minor. She is a transfer student from the University of Akron where she was a resident assistant and secretary of Circle K, a volunteer organization. Lana hopes to become a registered nurse working in an intensive care unit. She then wants to become a travel Nurse Practitioner.


Matthew Hecker ’20

Matthew is majoring in Biochemistry. He is a member of the Chemistry Club and Hiram College’s men’s soccer team. Matthew is looking forward to making connections in his discipline to build a network that will help in  his goal of earning a doctorate.


Sam Hitchcock ’21

Sam is majoring in Biomedical Humanities and has applied to NEOMED through Hiram’s pathway. He served for three years as his high school’s class president and is a varsity letterman in Hiram basketball. Sam believes his experience with the Garfield program activities will help him become a better leader and doctor.


Akiya James ’22

Akiya is an undeclared Psychology major, pursuing the 3+2 social work track with Case Western Reserve University. She hopes to earn her Master of Science in Social Administration, become a licensed social worker and then earn a Master of Public Health. Akiya intends to specialize in maternal and infant death rates of African-Americans. She is a member of the Black Student Union.



Nicholas Krasnoschlik ’20

Nick is majoring in Biology with a minor in Biomedical Humanities. He is a volunteer at Brooks House Assisted Living facility, a meet and travel coordinator for the Hiram College cross country club, and a community health care worker. Nick is interested in becoming a physician.


Erica Lohan ’20

Erica is a senior Management and Theatre double major. She is the class representative for the honors program, the treasurer of the Theatre Guild, and a Student Ambassador. Erica is hoping to find a career in theatre or the entertainment industry.


Jared Louie ’21

Jared is a junior majoring in Psychology with an Entrepreneurship minor. He hopes to start his own practice. As a member of the GCPL, Jared will have the opportunity to meet with career members of government agencies that might help him with his goal to become a clinical psychologist working with the government.


Megan Maddox ’22

Megan is a nursing major. She understands that a career in healthcare will require an understanding of public policy issues. Megan wants to become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

Kimmy Morrison  

Kimmy Morrison ’20

Kimmy is a senior currently majoring in history with a minor in Asian studies. She intends to add an educational studies major and another minor in environmental studies. Kimmy’s interest in outdoor education stems from her semester program with the National Outdoor Leadership School. The program unplugs students from their lives and immerses them into the natural world for three months. She has studied abroad in China and England and completed service projects in the Dominican Republic and Thailand. After graduation, Kimmy would like to join the Peace Corps, and then pursue a graduate degree in international development.


Kaitlyn Morse ’20

Kaitlyn is an Integrative Exercise Science major with a physician assistant focus. She is one of the captains of the Hiram College women’s soccer team, and president of the Exercise Science Club. After completing physician assistant studies in graduate school, Megan wants to become a physician assistant in surgery.

Jenna Nelson  

Jenna Nelson ’20

Jenna is a senior majoring in Political Science. She is also thinking about adding Sociology for a double major. Jenna is interested in sociology because it forces things to be looked at from different perspectives and how people interact with one another.


Brendan Niggemeyer ’21

Brendan is a junior with a double major in Physics and Political Science and a Mathematics minor. He is an Eclectic Scholar and a representative to the Student Athletic Advisory Committee for the Hiram College varsity soccer team. After Hiram, Brendan plans to get a doctorate in nuclear physics or political science. He hopes for a career where he can research ways to bridge the gap between the science community, the public, and government.


Alexis Polcawich ’21

Alexis is a junior majoring in Biochemistry. She is an animal caretaker at the Hiram College Field Station, an Eclectic Honors Scholar, HPAC, Relay for Life, and Veticus member. Alexis plans to attend veterinary school and then become certified in animal chiropractic and acupuncture. She also has an interest in joining the military reserves.


Ashley Redman ’21

Ashley is a junior majoring in Biochemistry. She will be applying for the NEOMED pipeline program. Ashley is interested in possibly becoming a cardiologists. She is an Eclectic Honors Scholar.


Jeffrey Robb ’22

Jeffrey is a sophomore Political Science major with minors in Public Leadership and Classical Studies from Circleville, Ohio who is in his second year with the Garfield program. Aside from being a member of the Garfield Center, Jeffrey is also a Resident Assistant in East Hall, the Vice President of Hiram’s Student Senate, a member of Hiram College Middle Ground, and a participant in the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program. In his free time, Jeffrey reads, follows current events, and has also been a political intern.


Angela Ross ’21

Angela is an Early Education major. She was a member of the Hiram College swim team the second half of 2019. Angela plans to be an elementary school teacher in kindergarten or first grade.



Dion Thornton ’21

Dion is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in International Studies and French. He is a Chamber Orchestra violist and a former member of the varsity swim team. Dion hopes to attend graduate school after Hiram.


Valori Vaught ’20

Valori is an Educational Studies major with a minor in Sociology. She has worked as an assistant teacher at the Little Village Early Learning Center. At Hiram, Valori is a member of the Education Club and Alpha Society.

Hannah Waldman  

Hannah Waldman ’20

Hannah is a senior with a psychology and neuroscience double major. She has been passionate about psychology since high school. Hannah plans to obtain her doctorate in this field with her main goal is to work to erase the stigma that surrounds mental health in our society.



Riley William ’23

Riley is a freshman at Hiram College. She is a graduate of Tallmadge High School and was a Hiram College CCP student. Riley plans a career in politics, possibly managing campaigns.