Hiram College

Our Objective

To provide Hiram College students with opportunities to develop their intellectual and social skills for careers in public leadership and scholarship related to public policy issues and international relations. To this end, students will participate fully in the Garfield seminars, engage public leaders on and off campus, and demonstrate scholarship relevant to individual career goals. The program is open to a variety of majors.

The Program’s Elements

Participation in the Garfield Seminars

  • Research and identify appropriate speakers for the Garfield seminars
  • Engage in readings and discussion prior to the seminars
  • Host speakers – arrange schedules, dinner, small group discussions, introductions
  • Prepare discussion questions for the post-presentation discussions
  • Pose group questions to the speakers
  • Plan and participate in an annual field trip

Demonstrate Scholarship

  • Essay relevant to role in the seminar
  • Public presentation of the essay
  • Documentation of activities meeting the first two objectives