Hiram College

On Healers and Healing: Exploring the Why, What and How of Medical Humanities Pedagogy

A Summer Seminar sponsored by Hiram College's Center for Literature and Medicine

June 7 – 12, 2011, Hiram College (Hiram, OH)

This intimate seminar will engage fundamental questions about the reasons, materials and methods central to teaching in the medical humanities.  The seminar will devote each day to exploring a different question, with two leaders in the field orchestrating morning and afternoon discussions.

Tied to the seminar are two publications: a special issue of Journal of Medical Humanities that will feature essays and responses generated during the seminar, and an anthology of essential literary texts, also titled On Healers and Healing, that will be a part of the Literature and Medicine series published by Kent State University Press.

The special issue of the Journal of Medical Humanities will provide an opportunity for some interested seminar participants to publish their thoughts on one or more of the three questions that guide the seminar.  The publication of this special edition will dovetail with the anthology’s release, thereby providing a theoretically rich and pedagogically reflective companion to its content.

The larger purpose of the seminar is to gain a sense from medical humanities educators about what would form the essential content and design of a truly useful literary anthology for medical humanities pedagogy.  Thus, the ideal participants for this seminar are those actively engaged in teaching literature in medical humanities settings.

For more information, email us at LitMed@hiram.edu or contact Erin Lamb at 330-569-6139.