Hiram College


Make a Difference through Social Enterprise

Spring 2018

Do you want to make a difference on campus, in your community, or in the world?
It just takes a small spark to ignite a fire of change – and that spark can be your idea!
Learn more about being part of the MAD Money, Hiram’s new social enterprise idea incubator and idea competition!

What is Social Enterprise?
A social enterprise is one that uses entrepreneurial/business principles to organize, create and manage a sustainable enterprise that has a positive social impact on humans, animals or the environment.

What is the MAD Money Idea Challenge?
The MAD Money Challenge is a social enterprise idea incubator and competition. As part of the competition, students will participate in a workshop to help them develop, refine and prepare to pitch their social enterprise idea to a panel of judges to win the MAD Money of $1,000 1st Place and $500 2nd Place. This competitive award will be given to a Hiram student presenting the best written and oral presentation of a social enterprise idea (see definition above). The enterprise can be organized as a for-profit, non-profit entity or hybrid.

“This year MAD Money Challenge is combined with ideabuild!2018. SEE IDEABUILD! http://www.hiram.edu/academics/centers-of-distinction/center-for-integrated-entrepreneurship/student-opportunities/idea-competitions/ideabuild/ for more information.”

MAD Money Challenge Winners 2016

1st Place Winners: Jennifer Kistler ’19, Julia Pfaff ’18, Christian Maner ’18 and Gabrielle Maier ’19 with Jobs for Sanity, an app to address discrimination against American employees with mental health issues.


2nd Place Winners: Taylor Gibbons ’17, Sara Shearer ’17, Allie Glatt ’17 and Bre’Anna Phoenix ’19 with Terriers for Terriers, an organization to improve Hiram students’ mental health by introducing pet-friendly housing on campus.


MAD Money Challenge Winners 2015

1st Place Winner: Hamza Raja with F.O.U.R., an organic hydroponic healthy eatery system


2nd Place Winner: Marley Oles ’18 with Sole Hygenics, and antibacterial destroying device for hospitals