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Are you entrepreneurial and competitive? Hiram offers students a variety of opportunities to put their best ideas on the table and compete for start up money to help make their dreams a reality.

Integrated Entrepreneurship at Hiram College annually hosts a series of idea competitions. ideablitz! is an idea generation and development event held during the Fall 12 week semester. The second idea competition, ideabuild! is held in the Spring 12 week. ideabuild! picks up where ideablitz! leaves off, asking participants to examine the feasibility of their enterprise concepts. The competitions are designed to help anyone with an innovative idea organize and communicate their concept to potential investors and collaborators. Ideas can range from new inventions or solutions to problems, to profit or non-profit enterprises, to projects that respond to a felt need.

For ideablitz!, contestants develop their enterprise idea through the creation of a written concept statement and present the concept to a panel of judges and an audience of friends, family, and enterprise aficionados. Each contestant has six minutes to convince the judges they have a winning idea: a three-minute Rocket Pitch® followed by three minutes of questions.

For ideabuild! contestants test the viability of the enterprise idea by conducting a feasibility study.

Learn more about ideablitz! and see past winners

Learn more about ideabuild! and see past winners

The EEC is a consortium of eleven public and private colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio dedicated to providing practical, experiential and theoretical entrepreneurship education to Northeast Ohio undergraduate students of all disciplines.