Hiram College

At Hiram College, entrepreneurship is more than organizing and starting a business. It is a way of thinking. The skills and character fostered by the liberal arts are an excellent foundation for successful entrepreneurs, who use their passion to create valued products, services, and programs. The synergy of liberal arts and entrepreneurship helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to enhance their own lives, and those of their communities and society, no matter their areas of study or chosen career paths.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Integrated Entrepreneurship at Hiram is to foster an expansive sense of the possible, an exploration of personal passion, an ownership of one’s ideas and actions, and a commitment to add value to one’s self and one’s community.

The vision of Integrated Entrepreneurship at Hiram is for all members of the Hiram community to explore and develop their ideas beyond the classroom and see themselves as entrepreneurs who can add value to their communities and profit from their passions.