Summer Courses

Hiram offers summer classes, giving you the opportunity to catch up you haven’t had time for during the fall or spring as well as get a jump on the next academic year.

Image: Students on campus during the summer


Taking summer courses at Hiram College is the perfect way to do one of the following: catch up on courses you haven’t had time to take during the fall or spring; ease your course load for the 2023-2024 academic year and still stay on track to graduate in four years; add a second major or new minor at no extra cost and with no extra semester or fifth year; or accelerate your journey to complete your degree in three or three-and-half years.

Summer 2024 Dates

Take classes during one or both terms:

  • Summer I – May 15-July 9
  • Summer II – June 12-August 6

Students enrolled at Hiram during the previous fall and spring semester are eligible to take two free summer courses. Check the schedule here for courses and schedule.

Summer courses at Hiram are offered in a variety of formats: 

  • Online (OL)
  • Hiram Campus Blended (meets every other week at Hiram College with the remainder conducted online) (WC)
  • Face-to-face classroom meetings at the Hiram Campus

Additional questions?

First, contact your faculty advisor.  If needed, please follow up with the Registrar’s Office at

Summer Course FAQs


Hiram College now offers a selection of online courses through Acadeum, a consortium of like-minded accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. Students may enroll in courses to earn elective credits to supplement a degree with a course that is not offered through the College, to repeat a course that requires a passing grade, to increase a grade point average to remain enrolled, or to get ahead by taking a prerequisite for a future course. All courses will appear on your student transcript and count towards your Hiram College degree. 

For all courses offered through Acadeum, there is a course fee. Financial aid can be applied. For more information or to register for Acadeum courses, stop by the Academic Advising Office in the library or reach out to us at

The list of summer classes is now available at – under Class Schedule. Select summer 2024 from the drop down.

This option is only for students who will be continuing in the fall of 2024.

Students may finish their requirements for graduation if the appropriate courses are offered. Students should check with their advisor as they choose summer courses to verify whether the courses will be counted toward graduation. If you finish the requirement in the summer, you will be an August graduate.

Faculty will not be able to teach independent studies in the summer because they are not on contract. They receive additional stipends for teaching well-enrolled courses in the summer but not for working independently with students.

The great majority of courses are delivered either in online asynchronous or online synchronous mode. Students should carefully check the course start dates and possible scheduled synchronous meeting dates.

Students will not need to use their alt-pin to register but may still contact their advisor to discuss summer registration.  Registration for summer is almost exactly like fall or spring registration.

Registration for Summer 2024 will be available beginning Tuesday, January 30, 2024. We will not require registration based on your class level during the summer. It is on a first-come basis.

Students may take two courses, up to 8 hours without paying. If a student takes more than 8 credits, they will be charged for tuition on the additional hours.

This benefit is for students who paid tuition for full time registration (at least 12 credits) to Hiram College in the previous two semesters on the block tuition rate. Students in partnership, Online and Weekend programs are not eligible.

The college has learned from past experience that the demands of these intensive 8 week courses may be difficult to meet for recent high school students. You will not be able to take free summer classes the summer prior to your official start at Hiram.

If a student was full time only in the spring of 2024, they may take one free summer class.

Financial aid in the summer is very limited and based upon each student’s individual financial aid application. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at or by phone at 330-569-5107 for more information about your eligibility.