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Requirements for High School Teachers Who Wish to Teach Hiram Courses at Their School


High school instructors of college-credit courses must meet the requirements for faculty teaching in institutions of higher education, as stipulated for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Instructors must comply with standards required by individual academic departments at Hiram College.  There are two ways high school teachers can do this:  1)  high school teachers will hold a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in the discipline in which they are teaching, or 2) they will hold a master’s degree in any discipline and have at least 18 graduate-level credit hours completed in the discipline in which they are teaching.

The decision for credentialing an adjunct faculty member will be based on the recommendation of the department they wish to teach in, with the approval of the Vice President and Dean of the College.

The following materials are needed for a request to certify a high school teacher to teach a Hiram College course:

  • Updated resume/CV
  • Official graduate transcript(s)

You can reach out with questions to Jeff Swenson

 Please visit our Content Area Program for High School Teachers page to find out how you can earn graduate credits at Hiram College.


Hiram College will provide a required orientation for new and returning credentialed instructors where they learn about campus-wide policies and meet with the academic department they are teaching for each year. New and continuing credentialed faculty will participate in professional development activities and evaluation processes commensurate with other Hiram College adjunct faculty, including classroom evaluation by the supervising department, and as directed by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

In order to align curriculum taught in credentialed programs to the College, Hiram department leaders will designate appropriate full-time faculty to assure matched content and to support student learning outcome assessments. Departments and mentoring faculty will be responsible for evaluating credentialed instructors according to the guidelines for adjunct faculty defined in the Hiram Faculty Handbook. Student course evaluations will be administered for College Credit Plus courses according to normal College processes. 

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Jeff Swenson, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum


Jeff Swenson, Associate Dean, is the main point of contact for all credentialing and faculty/teacher related questions/concerns regarding CCP at Hiram College.

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