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Admission Process

High School College Credit Plus

The Application Process for High School Students Taking Courses on Hiram College’s Campusccp

To be considered for participation, students are asked to:

  1. Complete the intent form for your high school, due April 1st.
  2. Fill out Hiram College’s College Credit Plus Application.
  3. Submit an official high school transcript.
  4. Submit results from either the ACT or SAT (preferred).  We will also accept the Accuplacer, or Compass tests for CCP applications only.  We offer a residual ACT on Hiram’s campus which can be scheduled by appointment Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.  
  5. A recommendation is not required, but Hiram reserves the right to request a recommendation for all CCP applicants from a guidance counselor or teacher.
  6. Meet college course pre-requisites.  This may include placement exams, specifically for foreign language and math placement.

Application and credential review is holistic and there is no single set of fixed criteria that solely determines admissibility to Hiram College. Each admission application and its supporting credentials are carefully read and given individual consideration. Hiram College reserves the right to make the final determination of a student’s admissibility to the College.

All application materials should be addressed to:
College Credit Plus
Attention: Brittany Jackson, Assistant Director
Strategic Academic Initiatives
Hiram College
P.O. Box 67
Hiram, OH 44234 

Notification of Acceptance

Once a high school student has been admitted and is eligible to enroll in courses at Hiram College, the Strategic Academic Initiative Office will notify the student and high school in writing. A written letter will also be mailed to students who are denied admission into the program. 

Prior to Admission, should the family want to visit Hiram, students should contact Hiram College’s Admission Office to schedule a visit to campus (1.800.362.5280 or http://www.hiram.edu/visit/. Please be sure to put in the Special Accommodations section on this form that you are interested in College Credit Plus or tell the Admission Office when you schedule your visit). 

Completed Application Deadlines

April 15 for Summer Semester
May 15 for Fall Semester
October 15 for Spring Semester


Each Hiram College College Credit Plus student is required to go through an orientation session.  Mark your calendars!  The orientation for Fall 2019 will be Thursday, August 1, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Course Placement Process

Admitted students can take classes to fulfill general education classes and begin to explore a variety of discipline-specific areas that build toward a bachelor’s degree.

Level 1 Courses

As designated by the state, Level 1 courses at Hiram College are any courses that do not have a prerequisite requirement attached to them.  If a course has a prerequisite, it will say “PREQ” in the Attribute section of the course schedule information.  Courses not allowed under Ohio legislation are courses that are: one-on-one private instruction (such as music lessons, etc.), a course with high fees, a physical education course, courses that are Pass/Fail (P/F), remedial courses, courses in religious studies, or a study abroad or similar course.

Next Steps for Students Coming to Hiram’s Campus for Class

Each student accepted into College Credit Plus at Hiram College will receive an acceptance letter with further instructions.  If students are coming to Hiram’s campus for courses, they will be assigned a faculty advisor.  Hiram College will schedule an individual advising appointment for students to meet with their advisor to discuss course options and answer any questions.  Students must complete the College Credit Plus Guidance Counselor Authorization Form and have it signed by their Hiram faculty advisor, high school guidance counselor, and parent prior to registration.

Course placement will be determined based upon the need for courses that fulfill both high school and college credit, high school record, the recommendation of high school guidance counselors, ACT and/or SAT scores, and course availability. In some cases, placement testing may be required (e.g. Mathematics and/or Foreign Languages).

High school students may enroll at Hiram College in single courses, or enroll as a part-time student (15 credit hours per year), or as a full-time student (30 credit hours per year). Courses can be taken at Hiram College, online (as available) or at participating high schools. Students must work with high school guidance departments regarding fulfillment of high school credit requirements necessary for high school graduation in the State of Ohio.

High School Guidance Counselors should assure each student does not exceed full-time status. To calculate full-time status:

  1. Determine student’s number of high school ONLY units,
  2. Multiply that number by 3, and
  3. Subtract the result from the number 30.
  4. That number is the total number of college credits that CCP student may earn that academic year.

To see examples of course options for 15-hour per year or 30-hour per year pathways and some discipline-based course options, please refer to our College Credit Plus Curriculum Guide.

 *Please note:  class times are subject to change (please confirm class times by viewing the course in the course catalog).  To view our entire course catalog, please visit our Course Catalog online. Students can explore course options by visiting my.hiram.edu, clicking “Class Schedules,” and choosing the correct term (Summer, Fall, or Spring of the appropriate year). (Note: Please choose “Traditional 12-week Term” for the option “Part of Term” if looking at our traditional fall and spring courses.  For Summer, choose “Summer 1” or “Summer 2” and for online summer courses, choose “Online 1st 8 Week” and “Online 2nd 8 Week.”)

**Please also note that courses with “PREQ” in the attribute code are considered Level 2 courses or higher.

Registering for Classes at Hiram College

Once a student is accepted as a College Credit Plus student and has met with his or her Hiram College advisor to discuss course options, he or she will meet with a staff member in the Registrar’s Office to submit their class selections (the first semester they are enrolling, after the first semester, they will be able to register for classes online/electronically, but must still meet with their advisors and guidance counselors. College Credit Plus students will be registered no later than 15 calendar days from the start of the semester they wish to take courses in.  Students will be enrolled in the order in which they are accepted if taking courses at Hiram College or online. 

FERPA and a Student’s Education Records

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records, including the right to control disclosures of their records.

When a student enrolls at a post-secondary institution, all rights to access academic records move to the student. Parents, guardians, spouses and significant others have no inherent right to access these records unless the student signs a disclosure form.

In order to receive high school credit for post-secondary courses, the student must sign a disclosure form to give his or her high school officials access to these academic records. Each student will have the opportunity to sign the Authorization to Disclose Academic Information form when they register for courses at Hiram College. Students may also elect to grant parents and/or guardians access at this time.

Please note: Under FERPA Hiram College cannot issue grades to anyone, including parents/guardians without the student’s written consent.  As always, we encourage students to communicate their academic progress with their parents/guardians. For more information regarding FERPA and Hiram College, please refer to our webpage on Student Rights under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


College Credit Plus students can access their midterm and final grades through their secure Web4Student account. Midterm and final grades are viewable as soon as they are posted by faculty.  However, official grades are not available until after end-of-the-term processing, usually within one week of finals for each term.

The Registrar’s Office will have College Credit Plus students complete a Request to Mail Grades form at the time of their registration to ensure that their home high school receives a copy of their final grades at the end of each term of enrollment. Hiram College is required to send end of term grades to a College Credit Plus student’s high school. Students may also elect to have another grade letter sent to their home. 

Students can request their transcripts from the Registrar’s Office website.  The cost of the transcript is $7 for each transcript requested.

Note:  Since Hiram College is a private liberal arts institution we do not participate in the State of Ohio’s Articulation and Transfer Policy. However, Hiram College is a member of TES: Transfer Evaluation System which allows institutions from all over the country to evaluate the courses offered at Hiram to determine equivalencies to their own institution. Each institution must evaluate whether or not a course from another institution will transfer and how it will be applied. We have also signed on to Transferology.com, which the State of Ohio purchased for each institution in the state, both public and private, as a national database of course transfer options. This site allows students to input the courses they have taken and the results provide a match percentage rate to other institutions who have previously evaluated the courses for transfer. Courses that have not yet been evaluated show as “maybes” until the receiving institution determines their equivalencies.

Contact the Strategic Academic Initiatives Office for More Information:

The Strategic Academic Initiatives Office at Hiram College stands ready to explore College Credit Plus at Hiram College with you to see if it is right for you. Please contact one of our office representatives: