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We currently partner with nine partner public and private high schools all over Ohio to offer courses in their high schools.  We would love to work with your students as well! 

College Credit Plus for Administrators

Students who are enrolled in high school and who are eligible can take a college-level course and earn high school and college credit at the same time. These credits will appear on both a student’s high school and college transcripts.  College Credit Plus replaced the Postsecondary Education Option (PSEO) beginning in the 2015 – 16 academic year.

There is no cost for a public student to participate in College Credit Plus at Hiram College. A student’s high school and the college or university share the cost for the College Credit Plus course. Private- or Home-school students must contact their guidance office, school representative, or the Ohio Department of Education to determine what, if any, costs are associated with enrolling in this program, as students would be required to complete an application with the Ohio Department of Education.

Hiram College seeks to help school districts fulfill state requirements. For more information about the state requirements for school districts, please visit the Ohio Department of Education and Higher Education’s resources website.

Hiram College will partner with area high schools and their students in the following ways:

Students Can Attend Courses at Hiram College

Hiram College offers flexible plans for Ohio high school students who wish to earn college credit. Through College Credit Plus, college-bound students will have the flexibility to enroll in single courses, a 15-credit hour plan per year, or and 30-credit hour plan per year at Hiram College. Our curricular breadth allows us to meet the individual needs and interests of students.

Qualified High School Teachers May Offer Hiram College Courses at Your High School.

Instructors who teach a College Credit Plus course in a high school must receive professional development and be credentialed as an adjunct professor at a college or university. All College Credit Plus courses, including the ones taught in a high school, must be the same as the course offered by the college or university. College Credit Plus classes must apply to a degree or professional certificate.


The Hiram College Bookstore will work with school districts to determine the district’s preference on ordering students’ CCP textbooks.