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Garfield Society of Hiram College

The Garfield Society of Hiram College

Established by the Board of Trustees and named for James A. Garfield, the Garfield Society of Hiram College honors individuals who have demonstrated significant professional achievement and whose efforts have substantially enriched their communities. Before he served as the 20th president of the United States, Garfield was both a student and principal of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, which later became Hiram College. Garfield Fellows are nominated by Hiram College's Board of Trustees and selected based on service to the College and their communities.

Each year, Garfield Fellows gather for an annual meeting and to pay tribute to members’ notable achievements.


The 47th meeting of the Garfield Society will take place on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 on the Hiram College Campus. Keynote speaker will be Graham Chedd, Podcast Producer at Alda Communication Training.

The following individuals were inducted as Garfield Fellows:

  • Graham Chedd, Keynote speaker
  • John Eklund, State Senator, Friend of the College
  • James D. Graham ’88, Trustee
  • Jane Preston Rose, Friend of the College
  • Nancy G. Rubin, Officer of the College

View a list of all inducted fellows and past speeches.

About James A. Garfield

President James A. Garfield served honorably and with distinction the Nineteenth Congressional District of Ohio for ten consecutive terms (1863-1880). He served his country gallantly during the Civil War (1861-1863), rising to the rank of Major General, and was the second principal of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (1857-1863), where he had been a student (1851 – 1852) and member of the faculty. He was instrumental in paving the way for the Eclectic Institute to achieve full collegiate status as Hiram College in 1867. His varied and distinguished career included capable and outstanding service as a preacher, educator, lawyer, soldier, legislator and scholar.