Hiram College

Douglas Savage is the author of seven novels and seven nonfiction books, all published by commercial presses. Doug graduated from the Ohio Horseshoeing School (Xenia), in addition to another little school or two.

All of Doug’s nonfiction books are studies of the American Civil War.

His most recent novel is “A Mouthful of Dust” (Nortia Press; Orange County, CA). It is historical fiction featuring famed novelist Stephen Crane (“Red Badge of Courage”) when Crane was a battlefield correspondent in Cuba (1898) during the Spanish-American War. Reviewers of “A Mouthful of Dust” have written:

  • “Douglas Savage’s writing is so compelling that Stephen Crane himself could have written ‘A Mouthful of Dust.’”        —David Halliburton, Ph.D., author of “The Color of the Sky: A Study of Stephen Crane.”
  • “Powerful, and haunting. A tour de force, and a real treat.”                                                                                          —Perry Lentz, Ph.D., author of “Private Fleming at Chancellorsville: ‘The Red Badge of Courage’ and the Civil War.”

In January 2016, Rowman & Littlefield (NYC) will release Doug’s eighth nonfiction title, “The Last Years of Robert E. Lee—From Gettysburg to Lexington.”

Taylor Trade Publishing (Boulder, CO), an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group (Maryland and New York), has reprinted Doug’s six novels which preceded “A Mouthful of Dust,” including his best-selling, Civil War historical novel, “The Court Martial of Robert E. Lee.”