What do you remember about the Wool Bowl?
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You may have seen in the season finale of 30 Rock that Hiram was losing to Bryn Mawr at halftime 11-2. Here's the true story...

In a football game for the ages, Hiram College beat Bryn Mawr 99 to 8 in the first ever Wool Bowl. The score would have been much higher for the Terriers, but the scoreboard could not handle triple digits. After a short discussion, officials decided to begin deducting points from the Bryn Mawr team because it made sense at the time. Or something.

Aside from the remarkable score, the game saw the Hiram mascot, the Terrier, ride a unicorn around the field while being pursued by pre-vet and art students, eager to get a look. Unfortunately, blinding rainbows caused a pile up and everyone wandered away smiling. School officials are still having difficulty with what has been labeled URHIRM (Unicorn Rainbow Human Immobile Rock Mosh-Pit)

When asked for a comment about the incredible event Assistant Athletic Director, Henry Booth III, said "The first I heard that I heard about the game was in that flashback scene on '30 Rock.'"

Further investigation has shown that the game may never have actually been played, given the fact that Bryn Mawr is an all-women's school and does not have a football team. That said, the Hiram Terriers are confident that if a game were to be played, they would win and a unicorn would be in attendance.