Fund Your Terrier: A Day of Giving
June 4, 2015

The Terrier has been a point of pride at Hiram College throughout the years. But as his duties have grown, he has been looking a little worse for wear. It's time for a makeover! 

Thanks to your support, we received enough money to buy the Terrier a new costume. Thank you!

Your support, at any level, will make a difference. We aim to receive enough support in one day to fully fund the purchase of a new Terrier, one that alumni, students and the entire community can be proud of. When making your online gift, please select "Fund Your Terrier" as your gift designation.



Already made your gift? Spread the word!

We appreciate your support of the Fund Your Terrier campaign! While gifts are always appreciated, you can also help by getting the word out to your fellow alumni. Below are some ways you can help.

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The Hiram College Terrier


Hiram College sports teams have been known as the Terriers since 1928. Coach Herb Matthews, speaking at an all-sports banquet, described Hiram athletics as "a little bull terrier that holds on until the end." He paused, then proclaimed, "No name would seem more appropriate to me than just the Terriers."

From Scottish Terrier to Bull Terrier, the Hiram Terrier has taken on many looks over the years. Click the tabs to see some of his looks throughout that time.

Help honor the Terrier tradition by making your gift in honor of all the Terrier stands for: Hiram's exceptionalism, Hiram's fighting spirit and Hiram's pride. 


This photo from 1936 is the earliest known image of the Terrier mascot at Hiram College.


The Terrier's look evolved from that of a border terrier to a Scottish terrier.


During the 1960s, the Terrier got a girlfriend. Together they were illustrated for handbook sections on dancing and dining, and she was shown alone in sections explaining what female students should bring to college.


Hiram College had a live mascot during the 1970s.


This Scottish terrier served as the mascot until the early 2000s.


An illustration of the Scottish terrier from the 1980s.


In 2003, the Hiram Terrier transformed into a bull terrier. He's been wearing the same outfit for 12 years - 84 in dog years - during commencement ceremonies, move-in days, photo shoots, and of course, sporting events. He's ready for a makeover!

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