Spring, 3-week, 2017

The Faculty:

John Bolus, Professor of Management

The Courses: 

Prerequisite: MGMT 35600-01 Business & Culture in Chile (1 credit hour prequel) Spring 12-week, 2017

INTD 380: Scarcity and Success: Business and Culture in Chile (3 credit hours) Spring 3-week, 2017

 The Place:

Chile has been called the land at the end of the earth and its splendid seclusion is undeniable. Fortunately, though, Hiram students have direct access to Chile during their spring semester in 2017.  Program participants are provided an unique opportunity to experience the country’s colorful cityscapes and breathtaking natural wonders. A majority of the trip’s three and half weeks will be spent in Chile’s central Valley where two-thirds of Chileans live. However, significant excursions are also planned to the north and the south of the country. 

The Course:

Business and Culture in Chile relies primarily on the fields of economics and management in its quest to understand why Chile is prospering when many countries in the region with equal or better potential are not. Through readings, group discussions, journal writings, select site visits, market-based exercises, and distinguished speakers, students will answer that central question. Likewise, students will be empowered to ask their own questions and think critically about various issues related to business and culture in Chile.

 Class Requirements:

Students will enroll in an one credit hour preparatory class in the Spring-12 semester. These sessions are important and mandatory. The three credit hour overseas portion is an INTD and will also be offered as an EW. While in Chile students must attend all class activities and complete all assigned work.

  Overseas travel dates:

April 19 - May 9, 2017 (Tentative)

Estimated Program Costs:

$4,400 per student above tuition. The cost includes all travel expenses, accommodations, and meals. Personal expenses, passport fees, and independent travel are not covered.

 Application Deadline:  October 7, 2016

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