Get ready to pitch your ideas!

ideablitz! is a venue for Hiram students to develop and present innovative ideas, ranging anywhere from new inventions to improvements on existing inventions to not-for-profit enterprises responding to alleviate a local or global problem.

Students can compete individually or as a team with up to five members, with the chance to win cash awards of $500 (1st Place), $300 (2nd Place) or $200 (3rd place).

Each presenter or team has five minutes to pitch their idea to the panel of judges followed by a two-minute question and answer session. The judges will determine the top three prizes finishers based on these critieria: Idea or Concept; Market Need and Industry; Technology Attributes; Competitive Attributes and Pricing; Uniqueness; and Quality of Presentation.

Ideablitz! will be held on Thursday, November 6, 5-8:30pm in the Dix Room of the Kennedy Center.

To better help you prepare, we offer two workshops:

Workshop 1: What You Need to Know to Pitch at Blitz!
Tuesday, October 7, 5:30-7pm, East Hall Forum

E-Workshop: So you have an idea, now what?  
Friday, October 17, 3-5pm; East Hall Forum

Workshop 2: Perfect Your Pitch for Blitz!
Tuesday, October 21, 5:30-6:30pm, by appointment ONLY.

Registration is required to participate in ideablitz!
If you are entering as a team, one team member should be responsible for registering the group.

Registration will open October 23, 2014, and will close October 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM.

Click here to register.

ideablitz! 2013

At the fifth annual ideablitz! competition on November 7, 2013, fourteen innovative ideas were pitched by students from across the college to a panel of outside judges. Each student or team had five minutes to present followed by two minutes of Q&A. Ideas were judged on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness, and presentation.

The top three winners were:

First Place - Nicola Pedretti ’16

Second Place - Nicole Pueyo Svoboda ’15

Third Place - The team of Devonta Fleetion, Michael Helco, Margaret Picolo, Richard Simpson, and Andrew Torres, all 2014 graduates

Judges: Scott Altman, Senior Vice President, Raymond James; Joseph Koelliker, President and Owner of Koelliker and Associates; Al Meszaros, Founder and Partner of Midwest Investments; Dan Moss, Owner of Unswing; Chris Romeo, Owner of Attention to Detail.


ideablitz! 2012

First Place – Spencer Birney '13

Second Place – Richie Webb '16

3rd Place – Jacob Vaughan '16

Judges: Scott Altman, Senior Vice President, Raymond James; Dar Caldwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Launchhouse; Daniel Moss, Owner of UnSwing; and Joe Bica, Mayor, City of Ravenna; and Harriet Rubin, author, consultant, and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow.

ideablitz! 2011

First Place - Harrison Dickerhoof '15, Oliver Dickerhoof '12, Christian Dowdy '15, Isaiah Gwynn '14 and Tiffany Shields '12

Second Place - Dario Pelemis '15, Jeff Schofield '15, Jayveer Sodiwal '15 and Kamron Patterson '15

Third Place - Claudia Allen '15, Maryann Frank '14, Elidia Hernandez '15, Kyle Meggas '15 and Curtis Webster '15

Judges: Scott Altman, Managing Director of Wells Fargo Bank Investments; Dar Caldwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Launchhouse; Matt Minarik, President of Hi-Q Group; Daniel Moss, Owner of UnSwing; and Chris Romeo, Owner of Attention to Detail.

Read more about the 2011 ideablitz! competition.

ideablitz! 2010

First Place -Lisa Bartlett

Second Place -John Jordan & Karen Ising

Third Place -Allison Steele, Artel Moreira (partnering with Simone Gabriela) & Caitlyn Ruese

Honorable Mentions -John Kesegich, Jessica Fross, Michelle Rosenbaum, Corey Trusso & Nana Kwamena Takyi-Micah

Judges: Jennifer (Godwin) McCarty, Senior Account Executive at JWT Action; George Rose, Accounting & Economics Instructor, Retired; Brad Myers, CEO PeopleKeys®

ideablitz! 2009

First Place – Tiffany Peake

Second Place – Alex Dellas & Jennifer Godwin

Third Place – Jennifer Warren, Teri Bradshaw & Anthony Morgan

Honorable Mentions – Bonnie Brentar, Marc Parker, Tim Isaac& Stephen Dunn

Judges: Stephen Behm, University Hospitals of Cleveland; Barry Conway, Conway Greene; John Dearborn, Jumpstart, Inc.; Robin Harbage, EMB America LLC; Mary Holmes, MKH Consulting

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