Get ready to pitch your ideas!

ideablitz! is a venue for Hiram students to develop and present innovative ideas, ranging anywhere from new inventions to improvements on existing inventions to not-for-profit enterprises responding to alleviate a local or global problem.

Students can compete individually or as a team with up to five members, with the chance to win cash awards of $500 (1st Place), $300 (2nd Place) or $200 (3rd place).

Each presenter or team has five minutes to pitch their idea to the panel of judges followed by a two-minute question and answer session. The judges will determine the top three prizes finishers based on these critieria: Idea or Concept; Market Need and Industry; Technology Attributes; Competitive Attributes and Pricing; Uniqueness; and Quality of Presentation.

Ideablitz! will be held on Thursday, Nov. 10, 5-8:30 pm in the Dix Room of the Kennedy Center.

To better help you prepare, we offer two workshops:

Workshop 1: What You Need to Know to Pitch at Blitz!
Oct. 18, 2016, 5:30-7pm, East Hall Forum

Workshop 2: Perfect Your Pitch for Blitz!
TBD, 5:30-6:30pm, by appointment ONLY.

Registration Opens - Oct. 24, 2016.

Registration Closes - Nov. 4, 2016 at 5 p.m.

The Basic Guidelines

  • ideablitz! is for Hiram undergraduate students only.
  • A team can consist of 1-5 students.
  • The idea/venture must be new and must have been developed after Jan. 1, 2016.
  • You must register your idea/venture AND team (if applicable) and submit a completed Concept Form (see below for more instructions) by 5 PM, Nov. 4, 2016.
  • You must submit your PowerPoint presentation by noon, Nov. 8, 2016 (see below for more instructions). 

ideablitz! Presentation Format

  • Each entrant/team will have 6 minutes for their presentation followed by 3 minutes of Q&A.
  • There will be a 1 minute transition between contestants.
  • Order of presenters will be randomly determined.
  • PowerPoint presentations will be loaded on a computer/laptop provided by the venue, prior to the start of the event. No changes to presentations once submitted.
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive early to view the room setup and check their presentation prior to the start of the event.

Registering for ideablitz! 2016

To participate in ideablitz! 2015 you must register your idea (and team members, if applicable).  Please click here to register. Please read through all the information below before going to the site to register!  

If registering as a team, you only need to complete one application.  All team members’ information will be submitted through this single registration/application.  

As you complete your registration, note that there are several pages and that you must click “SUBMIT” on the last page.  You also must complete the registration all at one time.  You are not able to stop, save, exit and return at a later date, so we suggest that you type up all your answers to the questions below in a word document and then cut and paste your responses into the Wufoo form. 

You will receive an email within 48 hours letting you know that your application has been received and informing you of next steps, i.e. when and how to submit your Powerpoint presentation (due Nov. 10, 2106 by NOON).  

To complete the registration form please be sure to have the following information ready:

  1. Idea Name.
  2. Are you entering as an individual or a team?
  3. Is your idea a social enterprise? (note #1-5 in the next section)
  4. General Information on you and each of your team members if applicable:
    1. First & Last name
    2. Class Year
    3. Declared Major and Minor (if applicable)
    4. Email
    5. Cell phone number
    6. Gender
    7. Ethnicity
    8. Ohio Resident?
    9. International Student?
  5. A brief description of your idea.
  6. What industry is best suited for your idea?
  7. What need or perceived problem does your idea address?
  8. Why is your idea unique? How is your product or service differentiated from others in the market? Be sure to describe in detail.
  9. What group of customers are you trying to reach?
  10. What is going to motivate customers to buy or use your product or service? Please explain.
  11. Please explain how you will reach your customers, i.e., distribution.
  12. Describe what, if anything, is technologically unique about your idea.
  13. What are your estimated costs and pricing? What start-up resources do you need? What is your funding plan? Be specific – give the details of materials, systems, people, etc.
  14. How will you control your costs? How will you have control or gain control over your suppliers and distributors? Describe.
  15. What relationships do you have with other businesses and/or friends that will help you sell your idea? Explain.
  16. Will your idea require intellectual property protection? If you need intellectual property protection, please describe.
  17. What will stop others from duplicating exactly what you’ve done? (Think barrier to entry.)
  18. Who will you be competing against? Are there potential partners or stakeholders? Who are they?
  19. What are the amounts and sources of expected revenues? How will you make money? What is the revenue stream(s)? If social venture, is it sustainable? Who is the primary beneficiary?
  20. How far along are you in developing your idea? 

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (x5256)

Ideablitz! 2015

At the seventh annual ideablitz! competition November 12, 2015, eleven ideas were pitched by students across the college to a panel of judges. Each student or team had five minutes to present followed by three minutes of Q&A. Ideas were judged on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness and presentation.

The top three winners were:

First Place - Richie Webb '16 with Cold One Done

Second Place - Kayla Kennedy with AccuSci

Third Place - Diego Navar '19, Rebecca Pochedly '18, Allison Vannoy '18, and Jeff Rose '18, with Dine-n-Dash

Ideablitz! 2014

At the sixth annual ideablitz! competition November 6th, 2014, nine ideas were pitched by students across the college to a panel of judges. Each student or team had five minutes to present followed by three minutes of Q&A. Ideas were judged on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness and presentation. 

The top three winners were:

First Place – My Cup

Michael Mausser ’15, Su Latt ’15, Valentine Fosu ’16, Mai Myat ’17, and Santiago Montano ‘17


Second Place – ALCOmpanion

Karissa Clark ‘16 and Ben Doak ’15 (not pictured)


Third Place – WiFi Protected Phone Case

David Perkins ‘17, Akili Tate ‘17, Brad Rivers ‘17, Brendan Carr ‘18 and Marcus Moxely ‘18


ideablitz! 2013

At the fifth annual ideablitz! competition on November 7, 2013, fourteen innovative ideas were pitched by students from across the college to a panel of outside judges. Each student or team had five minutes to present followed by two minutes of Q&A. Ideas were judged on concept, market need, technological and competitive attributes, pricing, uniqueness, and presentation.

The top three winners were:

First Place - Nicola Pedretti ’16

Second Place - Nicole Pueyo Svoboda ’15

Third Place - The team of Devonta Fleetion, Michael Helco, Margaret Picolo, Richard Simpson, and Andrew Torres, all 2014 graduates

Judges: Scott Altman, Senior Vice President, Raymond James; Joseph Koelliker, President and Owner of Koelliker and Associates; Al Meszaros, Founder and Partner of Midwest Investments; Dan Moss, Owner of Unswing; Chris Romeo, Owner of Attention to Detail.


ideablitz! 2012

First Place – Spencer Birney '13

Second Place – Richie Webb '16

3rd Place – Jacob Vaughan '16

Judges: Scott Altman, Senior Vice President, Raymond James; Dar Caldwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Launchhouse; Daniel Moss, Owner of UnSwing; and Joe Bica, Mayor, City of Ravenna; and Harriet Rubin, author, consultant, and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow.

ideablitz! 2011

First Place - Harrison Dickerhoof '15, Oliver Dickerhoof '12, Christian Dowdy '15, Isaiah Gwynn '14 and Tiffany Shields '12

Second Place - Dario Pelemis '15, Jeff Schofield '15, Jayveer Sodiwal '15 and Kamron Patterson '15

Third Place - Claudia Allen '15, Maryann Frank '14, Elidia Hernandez '15, Kyle Meggas '15 and Curtis Webster '15

Judges: Scott Altman, Managing Director of Wells Fargo Bank Investments; Dar Caldwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Launchhouse; Matt Minarik, President of Hi-Q Group; Daniel Moss, Owner of UnSwing; and Chris Romeo, Owner of Attention to Detail.

Read more about the 2011 ideablitz! competition.

ideablitz! 2010

First Place -Lisa Bartlett

Second Place -John Jordan & Karen Ising

Third Place -Allison Steele, Artel Moreira (partnering with Simone Gabriela) & Caitlyn Ruese

Honorable Mentions -John Kesegich, Jessica Fross, Michelle Rosenbaum, Corey Trusso & Nana Kwamena Takyi-Micah

Judges: Jennifer (Godwin) McCarty, Senior Account Executive at JWT Action; George Rose, Accounting & Economics Instructor, Retired; Brad Myers, CEO PeopleKeys®

ideablitz! 2009

First Place – Tiffany Peake

Second Place – Alex Dellas & Jennifer Godwin

Third Place – Jennifer Warren, Teri Bradshaw & Anthony Morgan

Honorable Mentions – Bonnie Brentar, Marc Parker, Tim Isaac& Stephen Dunn

Judges: Stephen Behm, University Hospitals of Cleveland; Barry Conway, Conway Greene; John Dearborn, Jumpstart, Inc.; Robin Harbage, EMB America LLC; Mary Holmes, MKH Consulting

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