Townhouse Residence Parking

  • Townhouse tenant must obtain a townhouse parking permit.
  • Apply through The Permit Store and the permit is FREE!
  • Townhouse tenant must park in the townhouse lot only on your parking spot.
  • Any tenant who parks in other parking lots will be ticketed.
  • Tenant will be assigned a specific, numbers space by Residence Education.

Townhouse visitor

If a visitor is coming to the townhouses and is bringing a car, a formal visitor passes needs to be obtained from Residential Education.  The passes are available from 8:30AM-5:00PM in Residential Education Office.  The pass is signed out and needs to be returned.  The visitor may park in the space assigned to the resident or one of the visitor spaces.  Visitors without a pass will be ticketed by Campus Safety.

In these cases, it may not be possible to sign out the Visitors' Parking Pass from Residential Education.  The ninety-minute spaces are always available between the tennis courts and East Hall.  Visitor may also park on upper campus on the street near Hinsdale, Booth-Centennial, the Quad, and the Hill.  Those who park on the street will need to observe the Hiram Village parking ordinances.

Residential students or Commuter students with permit are not allowed to park in Townhouse Parking Lot or Townhouse Visitor Parking Lot. You must park at Gelbke Lot or Winrock Lot.

Display the Permit

All Permits must be affixed to the driver side of the front windshield, lower left corner.  Townhouse residents are required to display their townhouse parking permit on their vehicle at all times. If permit sticker is not displayed the vehicle will be ticketed and appeals will not be granted. Temporary permits must be placed on the driver side of the dashboard with the printed side displayed. Improper placement of your permit may result in a citation.

Alternative Vehicle

Townhouse tenant (with a valid permit) bringing an alternative vehicle on campus must obtain a temporary permit from Campus Safety office during normal business hours. A free temporary ID will be issued based on the current information.

Notes: Townhouse residents are not considered "visitors or commuter" and you are not permitted to park in any "visitors" lots including Kennedy Parking Lot, Coleman Visitor Parking Lot, 90 minutes parking Lot and COMMUTER LOT.

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For questions concerning parking:

Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor