Parking Policies 2015-2016

Students are required to register any and all vehicles which may be parked or driven on campus. Parking on campus is available to valid permit holders on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students are required to have a valid permit properly displayed in their vehicle by September 8, 2015.

Parking passes are non-refundable, non-transferable for residents and commuters.

Any student who misuses or shares an authorized permit or who forges a parking permit or temporary parking pass may result in judicial referral and may result in the loss of parking privileges on campus property. The college reserves the right to limit the availability of the number of parking permits to be issued.

Please be aware of the following policies:
Hiram College issues student parking permits through The Permit Store; to purchase a permit, type in Hiram College as your location. Permits for each academic year are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning August 4, 2014. Permits are not re-assignable, refundable, and may not be resold.

You are required to register the permit using your college e-mail address (if you already obtained a college e-mail address) and provide your cellular number in case of an emergency. When your transaction is complete, print your temporary permit and display the permit on the dashboard of your vehicle until your permanent permit arrives.

Once you have registered on-line and the permit is ready you will be notify via e-mail and you can pick up the your permit in the Campus Safety Office during regular business hours. When picking up your permit from the Campus Safety Office, you must have your Hiram ID with you. Vehicles with expired Temporary Permits will be ticketed and will be responsible for the cost of that ticket.

Residential students, Commuter students, Townhouse tenants and PGS students are not considered "visitors" and are not permitted to park in any "visitor" lots including 90 minutes Parking, Townhouse Visitor Lot and Coleman Center Parking Lot, Kennedy Visitor Parking Lot, etc.

As a note: Townhouse Residents please view the Townhouse Resident section for more information regarding obtaining your parking permit.
All Permits must be affixed to the driver side of the front windshield in the lower left corner. Temporary permits, which are printed out after placing an order at The Permit Store , must be placed on the driver side of the dashboard with the printed side displayed. Temporary/Guest Parking Passes must be hung on your rear-view mirror with the permit number, dates, and plate information displayed in the forward facing direction. Improper placement of your permit may result in a citation.

Note: The parking permit number identifies YOUR vehicle. If a permit is lost or stolen and you want to park on campus, you MUST obtain another permit at the Campus Safety Office for a nominal fee.
Commuter and PGS students are not required to buy a permit if they do not plan to park on College property. An authorized parking permit must be purchased if you plan to park on college property The Permit Store  or visit Campus Safety during normal business hours). The vehicles must be parked in designated areas.

Please note that Commuter Students who purchase a parking permit will typically experience a slight delay in receiving your permit of roughly 2-4 business days.
Only Townhouse Tenants who have a townhouse parking permit may park in the Townhouse parking lot. The permit may be acquired at The Permit Store. The permit is free of charge but is still required of all townhouse residents. Once you have registered online, you must obtain your permit in the Campus Safety Office during regular business hours. When picking up your permit from the Campus Safety Office, you must have your Hiram ID with you; Townhouse Resident permits are not sent out via the mail.

Townhouse tenants will be assigned a specific, numbered space by Residential Education. Any townhouse tenant who parks in other parking lots will be ticketed. Townhouse tenants are not permitted to park in any Visitor, Student, Commuter, PGS, Special Permit, or Faculty/Staff Parking designated parking spots.

If a tenant wishes to let someone temporarily use their space, they must notify the Office of Campus Safety. If Campus Safety is not notified, the car will be ticketed.

If a tenant does not have a vehicle and wishes to allow another student to use their space for the academic year, the tenant, with the other student present, must complete a Townhouse Parking Space Transfer Form which is available in the Campus Safety office.

If a car is parked in the incorrect spot, record the license plate or permit number and contact the Office of Campus Safety during normal business hours at ext#5188 OR (330) 469-4119 during evening hours or email Sam Adams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Townhouse residents who do not register a vehicle or inform Campus Safety of their intent to register a vehicle by the last business day of September are subject to forfeiting their right to their assigned parking space. If you wish to submit your intent to register a vehicle, you may do so by completing an Intent to Register a Vehicle Form in the Campus Safety office during regular business hours by the last business day of September.

Residential Student $65.95/year
Commuter Student/PGS $15.95/year
Temporary Permit $3/day (available at Welcome Center or Campus Safety Office)
Summer Permit $10.00
Replacement Permit $10.00

Vehicles parked on college property must display a current/valid license plate that is clearly visible. Vehicles without a current license plate will be considered abandoned and immediately towed.

All vehicles must be parked within painted lines, without obstructing parking in adjacent spaces, roadway or walkway access. Hiram College parking lots are not a storage facility, therefore, vehicles are to be removed during the summer unless a valid summer parking permit is displayed. Vehicles not registered for summer will be considered abandoned and towed. Vehicle owners are responsible for all fees associated with towing. Should your car be towed, please contact the Office of Campus Safety.

Hiram College does not assume any liability for any damage or losses occurring by or to motor vehicles on its property. Additionally, Hiram College will not assume responsibility or cost of Village issued parking tickets/towing for any reason.
All Students and Overnight Student Guests Parking Lot

  • Stadium Lot
  • Gelbke Lot
  • Terrier Drive East- angled in parking (formerly Light Plant Drive East Lot)
  • Overlook Lot- small lot on Terrier Drive to the east of Booth/Centennial, both East/West rows
  • South Quad Lot
  • The Winrock spaces facing the Softball field
  • The Tennis Court lot
  • Bancroft Lot (Commuters Only from 7am until 7pm daily)

Overnight Guests must obtain a Temporary Parking Pass in order to park in the above mentioned lots, please review that section for more information. Students are responsible for knowing what lots they are permitted to park in. Designated areas for Faculty-Staff and Visitors in front of Coleman Center are not permitted for student coaches, residents, commuters, townhouse residents, or Weekend College Students.

The College reserves the right to temporarily close any parking lot or parking spaces. Every effort will be made to provide sufficient notice via e-mail or posting on of a parking lot closure; however, in some instances immediate closures may be required.

  • Quad East Staff only lot
  • Rear Centennial (Booth Apartment and Student Life Staff Only)
  • Coleman Center (front) Lot
  • Miller Lot (Reserved for Student Life Staff and Physical Plant)
  • Health Center Lot (Reserved for Health Center Staff, Chapel Staff, and Weekend College Students on class weekends)
  • Gelbke Lot
  • Dining Hall Lot (Reserved for Dining Services and Faculty/Staff)
  • Designated Space for Entrepreneurship in the Stadium Lot
  • Kennedy Center Lot
  • Limited spaces behind the Quad East Lot
  • Teachout-Price Lot - Space next to loading dock reserved for Admissions Guests Only
  • 305 Coleman Lot
  • Coleman Center (front) Lot
  • Health Center Lot (Health Center/Chapel business only)
  • Koritansky Hall Lot (Meeting House Guests by special permit only)(Formerly Garfield Meeting House Lot)
  • Tennis Court Lot with permit
  • Gelbke Lot with permit

Hiram Village Ordinance No. 470 does not permit vehicles to be parked upon any public street or highway within the village between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Friday evening into Saturday morning, Saturday evening into Sunday morning, and legal holidays as listed in Section 1.14 Revised Code are excepted. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in a village issued parking ticket and/or towing by the village. Payment of village issued tickets can be done through a drop box at the Kennedy Center entrance or at the police department. Please note that there is an increase in the village parking fee for tickets unpaid within 24 hours.

Please Note: Campus Safety cannot accept payment of village tickets or grant any appeals to village tickets. You must contact the Hiram Village Police Department or Municipal Office by calling 330-569-3236.
Parking fines are fifteen dollars ($15.00). Hiram College reserves the right to issue citations to vehicles in violation of parking policies; these citations, including parking permit number, vehicle description, and license plate number, will stay on record until the ticket is resolved. For currently and properly registered vehicles, an email notification will be sent on the College e-mail account when a ticket has been issued to your vehicle. Tickets are issued no more than every 24 hours for the same violation in the same space. If more than one ticket is issued for the same violation in the same space within a 24 hour period, the vehicle owner should appeal the second ticket and it will be voided. Tickets unpaid or not appealed after fourteen (14) days will be assessed twenty-five dollars ($25) in addition to the cost of the fine, please review the Appeals Section. A vehicle may be re-ticketed for the same violation if the violation has not been corrected by the next calendar day or if the vehicle has not been moved. Students accumulating five (5) or more parking violations will be referred to the College judicial process. Possible sanctions imposed by Citizenship Education include loss of parking privileges, restitution, or educational sanctions. Any sanctions imposed by Citizenship Education are in addition to the parking fines owed.

Hiram College reserves the right to run license plates through the BMV in order to locate the owner or associated student for any unregistered vehicles which may have open citations on campus. Once a vehicle is determined to be associated or affiliated with a specific student, that student can be held responsible for any open citations associated with that vehicle/plate going back up to 3 calendar years.
Hiram College reserves the right to tow a vehicle should a vehicle impede college activity, hinder access to a roadway, walkway, or building, cause a safety concern, parked in an area or in a manner that can damage campus grounds, in the event that a student's parking privileges have been revoked, or where otherwise posted a tow away zone. Any vehicle towed from campus property will be towed at the owner's expense. If a vehicle needs to be moved, the Campus Safety Office will make reasonable attempts to notify the vehicle's owner, if the owner is known, to move the vehicle before towing. Such attempts will include valid telephone numbers and College e-mail. An exception to the prior notification courtesy is in any space that has a posted tow away zone or any vehicle which has been banned from campus by either Campus Safety or Citizenship Education.
To appeal a parking ticket, follow the directions printed on the back of the ticket. First you should wait 24 hours for the ticket to be processed. Then log into The Permit Store and fill out the appeal form. Notification of the receipt of the appeal and decisions are sent out via email. Appeals must be received within 14 days of the original citation. Appeals received after 14 days are rejected. All decisions on appeals are final. More than one (1) appeal per academic year will not be granted.
Tickets must be paid through The Permit Store or in the Campus Safety Office within 14 days of citation. Unpaid tickets will be placed on your student account at the end of each semester.

Methods of payment online are credit card or online check. Methods of payment in the Campus Safety office are cash or check.

Unresolved tickets received on or before December 1 will be billed to the associated student account at the end of the Fall Semester. Unresolved tickets received after December 1 will be billed to the associated student account at the end of the Spring semester. Students who withdraw from Hiram College will be responsible for payment of any and all unresolved parking citations.
Overnight Student's Guests must park in Student Parking lots after you obtain a guest/temporary parking pass. The pass is available at Campus Safety office (8am - 4 pm) and at Welcome Center(4pm - closing). Temporary Parking Passes must be paid for in cash or with a check and the parking pass information must be fully completed. All guests must provide the following information: Name, car make/model/color, license plate number/state, phone, and host information (if applicable).

Daily Permit $3.00

Student Guest parking location:

  • Stadium Lot
  • Gelbke Lot
  • Terrier Drive Lot- angled in parking (formerly Light Plant Drive East Lot)
  • Overlook Lot- small lot on Light Plant Drive both east/west rows
  • Quad South Lot
  • The 305 Lot next to Coleman Center (only as a designated over-flow lot when officially announced by the College.

Designated areas for Faculty-Staff and Visitors in the front of Coleman Center are not permitted for overnight student guests. Guest permits are only valid during the date span indicated on the pass.

Current students who obtain 30 or more guest/temporary parking passes during a single academic year will be offered the option to obtain a year round resident permit with costs differed. Contact Campus Safety by calling 330-569-5188 during regular business hours if you believe this applies to you.

Students seeking a "special permit" for medical accommodation purposes must contact the Director of Disability, Counseling, and Health Services at the Health Center and fill out the necessary paperwork. The Director of Disability, Counselling, and Health Services will notify the Campus Safety Office of any accommodation and length thereof. These permits are valid only during the time span indicated by the Director of Disability, Counseling, and Health Services, and are not valid in handicapped, guest/visitor, or reserved spaces. If accommodation is needed longer than the span indicated by the Director of Disability, Counseling, and Health Services, the student should request an extension from the Director of Disability, Counseling, and Health Services.
Anyone parking in a handicapped parking space must have a state issued handicapped license plate or placard in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 4511.69. A copy of the registration receipt issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles indicating that the handicapped placard is registered to you shall be provided to the Campus Safety Office and/or Director of Disability, Counseling, and Health Services when purchasing a parking permit.
Loading/Unloading Spaces have been designated near each residence hall. Utilizing staff/visitor spaces will result in an automatic ticket. Loading/Unloading zone spaces require flashers to be left on and have a time limit of 15 minutes, unless otherwise posted. If all unload zones are full, students should wait for one to become available.

During opening or closing times, students loading or unloading their vehicle in a fire lane must keep their vehicle attended at all times. The fire lane between Miller and Whitcomb cannot be blocked at any time, for any reason, for any length of time. The Campus Safety staff or the Residential Education staff will make reasonable efforts to inform students of procedure regarding Loading/Unloading during opening and closing times. Loading/Unloading in a fire lane is at your own risk, and may result in a Village issued ticket/towing for any length of time. Cars Loading/Unloading must use flashers. Loading/Unloading vehicles impeding emergency response are subject to ticketing and/or towing, or could be damaged by responding personnel.
Students (having a valid permit) bringing an additional or temporary vehicle on campus must download the Additional Vehicle form or pick up the form at the Campus Safety Office during normal business hours. A free temporary ID may be issued based on the current information.

Temporary permits are only valid during the date span. Campus Safety will not issue any temporary permits without the form or uncompleted forms.
Students who wish to register a motorcycle or any alternative motorized vehicle should contact Campus Safety at 330-569-5188 during regular business hours. Such requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Parking or driving any vehicle on any area of College Property not designated for vehicular traffic is prohibited. In particular, the grassy area adjacent to the residence halls, practice fields, walkways, the Quad courtyard, and the athletic track. There are two one-way drives at the college that vehicles must adhere to. They include: Quad rear drive (enter by way of KC Lot, Exit by Quad South Lot), and Miller Lot (Enter by Whitcomb, exit by Miller Dining Hall). The college reserves the right to close any lot at any time. Notice will be given to the community via email of lot closings. Vehicles remaining in closed lots are subject to towing. If an individual's vehicle becomes disabled (inoperable) on campus, Campus Safety must be subject to tow at the owner's expense.
All individual parking violation notifications will be sent to your College e-mail account. Campus-wide parking notices will be posted on the & College mass e-mail.
Revised 08/2014

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For questions concerning parking:

Office of Campus Safety
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