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Student Permits

How can I get my parking permit?

For Residential/Commuter Student/PGS/Townhouse Residence: To order a permit, have your vehicle license plate number ready and follow these instructions:

  1. Visit The Permit Store
  2. Type "Hiram" as your parking destination.
  3. Select "Hiram College" from the list that follows.
  4. Click "Apply" to apply for the permit.
  5. Follow instructions on the screen.

You can download a copy of the temporary permit from the application until your permit arrives. Your permit should arrive in 2-5 business days.

For Faculty/Staff: Faculty/Staff passes can be obtained in the Campus Safety Office

I don't always use the same vehicle do I need two separate permits?

Each permit is removable for use should you change vehicles. Please remember to update your The Permit Store account whenever your switch vehicles. However, if you intend to have two vehicles on campus at the same time, you will need to purchase a second permit.

How much is a pass? What type of payment does The Permit Store take?

For residents, passes are $65.95. For Commuter/PGS students, it is $15.95. The Permit Store accepts major credit cards and checking accounts.

Where can I park?

For information where to park, please refer to the campus parking map.

Where can I get a Temporary Pass?

Temporary Passes are available in the Office of Campus Safety located in Residential Education in Bates Hall. Temporary Passes are $3 and can be purchased for a maximum of 4 times. These are not to be confused with the Guest or Visitor Passes. These are ideal for vehicles purchased at the end of the year or only on a campus for a couple of weeks total.

Who should I contact if I have any questions concerning parking, parking permits?

Sam Adams at (330) 569-5492, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I received a ticket for parking along the street after 2 am, where can I go to pay this?

Payment of Village issued tickets can be done through a drop box in the Kennedy Center Entrance, or at the Police Department. Please note that there is an increase in the village parking ticket fee for tickets unpaid after 24 hours.

I received a ticket from Hiram College, where can I go to appeal or pay for the citation?

Tickets can be appealed and paid for through The Permit Store or in the Office of Campus Safety. Tickets must be paid and/or appealed within 14 calendar days; failure will result in the inability to appeal and $25 additional fine.

Note: unpaid tickets will place a hold on senior transcripts and diploma. Additionally, underclassmen will not be cleared for the following semester.


I am visiting for the day where can I park?

For information where to park, please refer to the campus parking map.

If you are not staying the night, you may park along the road until 2 am (Village Ordinance: no parking on streets 2 am to 6 am Sunday thru Thursday evening). If you are staying the night see next question. A guest pass is not needed unless you are on campus after 10 pm.

I am staying for the night, what do I need to do to keep my car from being ticketed?

Guests parking in lots overnight (after 10pm) must display a guest parking permit.

These are available free of charge at Campus Safety office (8am – 4 pm) and at Switchboard (4pm – closing), or Admissions (for Admissions overnight visits only). Guest permits are only valid during the date span indicated on the pass.  Guest Overnight commuter permits are available for qualifying individuals at no charge for one night only. Permits are available Campus Safety office (8am – 4 pm) and at Switchboard (4pm – closing).

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For questions concerning parking:

Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor