Appealing a Citation


To appeal a parking ticket, follow the directions printed on the back of the ticket. Wait 24 hours for a ticket to be processed. Then, log into The Permit Store and fill out the appeal form. Notification of the receipt of the appeal, and decision are sent out via email. Appeals must be received within 14 days of the original citation. Appeals received after 14 days are automatically rejected.

Paying Tickets

Tickets must be paid through The Permit Store , or in the Campus Safety Office within 14 days of citation. Unpaid tickets will place a hold on senior transcripts, and diploma. Additionally, underclassmen will not be cleared for the following academic semester if there are outstanding parking tickets. Failure to pay the citation in 14 days results in a $25 fine in addition to the original fine.

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For questions concerning parking:

Office of Campus Safety
Kennedy Center, 2nd floor