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Caffeine Consumption


Caffeine Consumption

During the summer months it's important to make sure you are staying hydrated.  Your body depends on water for survival. Did you know that water makes up more than half of your body weight? Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function correctly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste and lubricate joints and is essential for good health.

While most of us use caffeine to wake us up in the morning, keep us going during the day, or help alleviate a headache, it is also a mild diuretic that can dehydrate you and any efforts you are making to stay hydrated.  And in some cases has been known to actually cause headaches and insomnia. 

According to The Mayo Clinic, one should limit their caffeine intake to no more than 100mg a day.

The following list shows the amount of caffeine in popular drinks and medicines used to alleviate headaches. 


Caffeine Content: Coffee

Starbucks Brewed Coffee 

195 milligrams (12-ounce tall size)

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

105 milligrams (10-ounce small size)

 Starbucks Latte

65 milligrams (12-ounce tall size)

 Dannon Coffee Yogurt

33 milligrams (6-ounce container)

Caffeine Content: Soft Drinks

Mountain Dew

 55 milligrams (12-ounce can)

Diet Coke

45 milligrams (12-ounce can; the same size regular Coca-Cola has 34 milligrams)

 Sunkist Orange Soda

41 milligrams (12-ounce can)

 Barq's Root Beer

22 milligrams (12-ounce can)


Caffeine Content: Tea

Snapple Lemon Iced Tea

 42 milligrams (16-ounce bottle)

Lipton Tea 

40 milligrams (8-ounce cup)

Celestial Seasonings Iced Lemon Ginseng Drink 

40 milligrams (20-ounce bottle)

Green Tea 

30 milligrams (8-ounce cup)


Caffeine Content: Medications

No-Doz Maximum Strength

 200 milligrams (1 tablet; regular strength has 100 milligrams)

Excedrin Extra Strength 

65 milligrams (1 tablet)

Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief 

65 milligrams (1 tablet)

Midol Menstrual Complete Gelcaps 

60 milligrams (1 tablet)


 * Adapted from http://www.realsimple.com/health/nutrition-diet/healthy-eating/keeping-tabs-caffeine-intake-10000001159099/page5.html,



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