Questions for the Interviewer

Most interviewers close the interview by offering you a chance to ask them questions that have not been answered for you. It is important that you show your preparation and interest in the position by preparing at least ten questions to ask to further clarify your understanding of the position and/or organization. Be prepared with a few extra in case the first ones have been answered during the interview.

Don't ask "self-serving" questions

Don't ask "what are the salary, vacation, benefits, hours?" There will be more opportunity AFTER you have been offered the job.  Your task now is to be intelligent, thoughtful,  knowledgeable, and serious about contributing to the organization.  Remember the purpose of the interview is to GET THE JOB OFFER.  Don't ask questions you can read on a website or questions from a book not relevant to your "need to know".  "Tell me whether the statistics in your annual report...." is always a poor question.

Plan your questions based on the position and organization:

  • What personality qualities are important for success in this position?
  • What do you see ahead for your organization in the next five years?
  • How and by whom will my work be evaluated?
  • How do you think (a current event) will affect your operations?
  • What do you consider to be your organization's most important assets?
  • What do you see in the future for this industry?

More ideas from Boston College and Virginia Tech

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What to say when asked about salary?

Try not to name a specific figure. Prepare by calculating your worth.

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