Tell me about yourself

This is not a request for your autobiography.  Focus on what you can contribute;  prepare and practice.

  • Summary of background- college, major, internship, committees, jobs
  • Example of one accomplishment – just completed senior seminar, internship, balancing work and college
  • Why you want this job – fits with your skills, uses the abilities you developed in your internship

The whole answer should be less than two minutes and should set you up for follow up questions.

An example:

I recently graduated from Hiram College with a major in English.  I chose English because I think the rigorous analysis of literature and the critical thinking I did there has prepared me well for a business career.  Also I really love literature!  I supplemented my academic work with an internship at Cleveland Magazine where I practiced editorial and copy editing skills and wrote two articles on the recent Ingenuity Fest held last summer.

During college, I worked for the Office of College Relations at Hiram where I conducted interviews with many student athletes and wrote short news articles about their accomplishments under tight deadlines for their home newspapers.  I was also fortunate to study overseas in Turkey on a History and Culture program.  And now, I think I am ready to use my skills in a position such as this one. 

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