Practice Interviews: James A. Garfield Rehabilitation Center

The mission of the James A. Garfield Rehabilitation Center is to enhance quality of life through the provision of mental health services including prevention, assessment, treatment, and advocacy.  The Center serves individuals and families and also serves as a training and research center.

The nonprofit believes in empowering individuals to be successful.  Its philosophy is that persons with mental disabilities are most successful when they live, learn, work, and socialize in the community.

The center provides individual, marital, family, and group counseling.  New programming includes a Child Sex Offenders group, a group for Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and group treatment for individuals involved in domestic violence.  Community Support Services helps those who are emotionally unstable remain in the community.

Vocation Rehabilitation helps persons with disabilities become successful at work by working with individuals without disabilities. Individuals participating in work evaluation or work adjustment can work at our social enterprises such as the center's janitorial enterprise, Clean Force, or Yard Computer Services. 

The Ohio Rehabilitation Commission has awarded the Center an additional contract for data entry skill training and transitional employment.


To provide follow-up care and coordinate treatment of clients experiencing mental  health crisis; work effectively with counselors, teachers, social workers, physicians and referring medical personnel as well as school and parent contacts.

  • Coordinate Treatment and Education plan for clients.
  • Assist clients to access services for ongoing education and therapy. Maintain records and document treatment plan.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Sociology, or Education with coursework in special needs or human services
  • Sensitivity to the needs of mentally ill and mentally challenged individual
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills essential; able to work with parents and clients

Special Event and Development Assistant

  • Plan and coordinate fundraising events that draw community participation and support
  • Maintain accurate funding records and use appropriate computer technology
  • Use strong communication skills for promotion and publication


  • Bachelor's Degree in an Liberal Arts major
  • Strong interest in philanthropy; able to interact with clients, staff and donors appropriately.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills essential

Training Consultant

  • Retrain or prepare individuals to reenter the workforce.
  • Work with individuals and their employers to make smooth transitions; provide counseling and referrals as needed
  • Must be willing and available to work a flexible schedule: may include mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays on occasion.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Sociology, or Education or any relevant degree for the specific training program
  • Ability to work well alone or in groups
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills essential
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