Practice Interviews: Hayden Foods, Inc.

Company history

Hayden Foods, Inc. was founded in 1905 in Terre Haute, Indiana, by Amos Hayden.  The original company produced canned fruits and vegetables of superior quality. By 1915 he had obtained a tin manufacturing company in New Castle, Pennsylvania and opened a fruit processing plant in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

The company continued to expand after World War II and in 1965 acquired its first foreign company, Chocolats de Pierre, produced in Tours, France.  During the next ten years, Hayden Foods acquired four more companies overseas, all of which have strong markets for their respective companies.

Hayden Foods is in a very stable position among Fortune 500 companies.  With over $3 billion annual net sales and plans for expanding its market even further, Hayden Foods has a bright future ahead.

About the company

Hayden Foods now has ten locations in the United States and five international divisions.  We have a wide variety of canned products, frozen foods, instant soups, wines, and chocolate.  We encourage growth and development among our 50,000 employees through in-house training, company assisted continuing education, and promotional opportunities based entirely on performance and merit.

The Management Development Program offers our trainees the opportunity to experience all major areas of Hayden Foods, while concentrating their training in their area of interest.  The opportunity for advancement to responsible positions moves as quickly as the employee's development allows.

Our benefits package and salary scales are highly competitive.  We support our employees to further their education by subsidizing continued education in career related subjects.  Hayden Foods sponsors in-house seminars to keep our professionals up to date on current trends in the market.

Staff Accountant

  • Apply accounting principles to plan and initiate a system for general accounting
  • Prepare balance sheets to track assets, liabilities, and capital; make entries to GL
  • Audit contacts, orders, and vouchers and prepare profit and loss statements and reports to verify transactions


  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
  • Ability to work with high accuracy, good organizational  and communication skill

Basic Science Researcher

  • Initiate studies concerning physical and chemical properties of prospective food products
  • Prepare reports indicating the results of studies for review by the Product Development Division
  • Research food sources to determine their nutritional value, flavor, biochemistry, edible fats and oils, analytical chemistry, etc.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Nutrition, Food Science, or Biology
  • Ability to work well in group situations, use analytical skills
  • Well developed analytical skills with a keen eye for detai

Customer Relations Representative

  • Handle all consumer requests, comments, and complaints in a proactive manner
  • Manage all matters concerning product damage, order delays and act as a liaison to companies marketing our products


  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Marketing, Liberal Arts
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills essential as well as a professional attitude and appearance

Employee Relations/Human Resource Development

  • Maintain employee's morale by organizing company sponsored exercise and sports programs
  • Publish employee newsletter to keep employees up to date on current company and market events


  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management, Communications, Psychology, Sociology, Social Science
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with a variety of people
  • Ability to act as a mediator and resolve conflict

Management Trainee


  • Rotate among departments to study staff functions and operations management viewpoints
  • Become acquainted with the policies and procedures of Hayden Foods
  • Apply general business skills to needs of finance, profit and loss, inventory control, purchasing and HR


  • Bachelor's Degree in Management,  Communications, Liberal Arts
  • Good written and oral communication skills and excellent organizational abilities essential

Public Relations Representative

  • Prepare and distribute news releases to media
  • Create advertising and arrange the details for which it will circulate
  • Represent the company at assigned public functions and give speeches, prepare exhibits and tours


  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism or Communications or liberal arts
  • Creative with ability to adapt to difficult situations; strong writing skills and media experience
  • Professional attitude and appearance

Sales Representative

  • Present and sell company products and services to current and potential clients
  • Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity; develop sales materials
  • Identify sales prospects and maintain current client relationships in a cordial manner


  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, or Marketing
  • Highly motivated with the capacity to learn about all aspects of Hayden Foods marketing commodities and strategies

Systems Analyst

  • Aid in the design of departments solutions by working with programmers and department staff.
  • Act as a consultant to determine the needs of departments.
  • Analyze and evaluate present data-handling systems to improve production and workflow.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems in Business or Computer Science
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; excellent programming skills
  • Strong analytical skills essential
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