Practice Interviews

Just like riding a bike, interviewing gets easier with practice! Never go for an interview without preparing first with a practice interview, sometimes called a mock interview. The Career Center offers them twice a year in November and February, or at other times in an emergency. We videotape the interviews to allow you to review your progress.

How to get started

To make a practice interview more realistic, we have created two mock organizations: Hayden Foods, a large food conglomerate, and the James A. Garfield Rehabilitation Center, a social service agency. The interviewer - a real volunteer employer - will pretend to represent one of those organizations and interview you for a specific job you select.

  1. Sign up for a half-hour interview time in the Career Center.
  2. Post your most up-to-date resume online in Hiram CareerNet more than a week in advance of your scheduled interview day. We will print it for the recruiter to read a week in advance.
  3. Use the link to read the description of Hayden Foods or the James A. Garfield Rehabilitation Center and choose a position from the links at the bottom of the page for your practice interview. Email your choice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Paper copies are available in the Career Center also.
  4. Prepare for the interview by going over the Preparing for Interviews handout. Review your resume to decide what you will stress about your skills and interests. Make sure you read the descriptions about Hayden Foods or the James A. Garfield Rehabilitation Center and understand what they do and where your position would fit in. Be prepared to ask some questions at the end of the interview that will either help you understand the job responsibilities better or help you decide if you are interested in the organization.  See our interview site for more preparation.

General Tips

  • Remember, self-serving questions like "How much would I earn" or "How much vacation will I get" are not appropriate before you have been offered the job.
  • Dress professionally, as if this were a real interview. If you do not have interview clothes on campus, dress as formally as possible. Formal dress will help you to act more professionally during the interview.
  • Be on time. Do not cancel unless you are near death from illness. An employer is waiting to help you with your job search.
  • Set aside an extra half hour to discuss the interview and review your videotape immediately after your practice interview.
  • It is very gracious to write a thank you note after a practice interview. The interviewer may know others who might value your background and may be impressed enough to refer you for a real job.
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Practice Makes Perfect

Choose one of these mock organizations to interview for. Then choose a position that fits your career goals, and make an appointment with the Career Center.