Interview Follow-up

It's frustrating to wait to hear about the results of an interview.  Try to be patient; it can take a long time for employers to complete the process and make a final selection.  Take action - follow up based on what you learned about their timeline in the interview.  Call or email the HR director or primary person who interviewed you.

  • Let the employer know that you are still interested in the job.
  • Sell yourself again - remind the employer of your skills.
  • If you forgot to mention anything about your background in the interview, add it now. 
  • Ask specific questions.  What is the timeline for the decision?  Should you call again and when?

 Be proactive and continue your job search.  Don't assume you have that job "in the bag".  There are many qualified candidates.

Thank you Letters/emails

Always follow an interview with a brief professional thank you note within the first 24 hours.  You may want to reassert your interest, offer another example of your skills, or refer to topics covered in the interview.   (Confession - there are some bloggers who think it is not important but why take the risk?  It's easy and polite.)

It may be appropriate to write an e-mail thank you note IF most or all of your communication with the employer has been done electronically. However, you are also demonstrating your ability to behave professionally with this potential employer's customer, clients, students, etc. so you may want to model good professional behaviors with a little formality by writing a snail mail thank you instead.

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