The Career Center has helped me with so many different aspects of my Hiram career! Kathryn Craig helped me update my resume and taught me how to write a quality cover letter. The Career Center is continuing to help me as I explore internships and career opportunities. 

-Courtney Wade '14 Communication Major


Do these three things:  Talk over your interests with your advisor.  Meet with the staff in the Career Center  to prepare application materials, get advise about interesting internships and plan your strategy.   Write a resume, stressing the skills and education you have to offer, and a cover letter/email describing your background and explaining why you are interested in this internship.

Make an appointment at  or in Hinsdale 101 to get started.

Getting Started

Use databases such as these.  Start early - late fall and early winter - and apply for 10-15 internships.

Internships by Geographic Location

Try aggregators like or and search by keyword and "intern"

Not Your Ordinary Internships

Research organizations that interest you by searching for internships on their websites. Look under "Careers," "About Us," and "Employment." If it's unclear, call and ask if the organization offers internships.

Network with Hiram alumni, professors, friends and family to get suggestions. Use LinkedIn to build your network and connect with employers.

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