Ranney Webster Fund

The Ranney Webster Fund was created at Hiram College to support students' experiential learning through research, internships, and service-learning opportunities.  This gift spanned three centuries.   Although he did not graduate, Ranney Webster attended Hiram with the class of 1898.  He left his gift to Hiram in the 20th century, and we received it in the 21st century!  The funds are intended to enable students to participate in experiential learning that is not funded or inadequately funded by an external source.  Each year, stipends of up to $2500 will be available both fall and spring semesters and for the summer with the majority of the money dispersed in the summer.

The fund will support a variety of different activities in experiential learning.  Below is a partial list of funding opportunities.  Students who need funding for experiential learning that is not described below are encouraged to contact Career Development where the Selection Committee will be administered to discuss their needs.

At this time, funding may be used for the following purposes:

  • To support unpaid internships offered by nonprofit or public service organizations
  • To support research that is unfunded by the sponsoring research project; no on-campus research will be funded.
  • To support research that is funded but where additional funding for transportation or housing is needed to enable the student to participate
  • To support paid internships where additional funding for transportation or housing is needed to enable students to participate or where the salary is so low that the student cannot meet their financial obligations for college for the following semester
  • To support service learning projects where students will be participating in community service related to an academic course or interest
  • On a case by case basis, money may be awarded for other expenses related to experiential learning that are not described above if those funds will make it possible for a student to accept a low paying or unpaid research or internship experience.  Examples might include equipment for a field research project, admission fees for a research library or museum, room and board for a short term interview project, or mailing expenses for a survey.

Although money is available year-round, most stipends are given for the summer.

To apply, please follow the Application Procedures on the Funding Internships page.  Send applications electronically to Career Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the published deadline which is emailed to all students.  A faculty committee will read all applications and make the awards. Recipients of these funds will be expected to participate in an internship workshop, submit a thank you letter to Career & Academic Development, and create a poster about their experience to be displayed during the semester following the completion of the internship.

Examples of previous applications are available in Career Development, and we are always willing to help you develop a strong application.  Please contact Career Development at 330.569.5131.

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