3 Year Degree Programs

Teaching Without a License

The shortage of substitute teachers is acute in many public school districts, and uncertified college graduates are sometimes allowed to work as subs. This is one way to explore your interest in public school teaching.

Some independent schools hire college graduates without teaching certification. Intern programs at schools such as Andover Academy and St. Johnsbury Academy help prepare graduates without teaching experience.  See their websites for information.

Teach for America has developed support program to train and place college graduates in underserved public schools, both urban and rural.

The New York City Teaching Fellowship is another excellent option.

Other organizations need teachers such as the following:

  • Readak Educational Services teaches reading and study skills to middle and high school students and employs college graduates as teachers both in the US and abroad.
  • Baldridge Reading and Study Skills (440-946-9968) and Cambridge Reading and Study Skills offer the same services to college students and hires college graduates to teach the courses.

Interested in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)?

See the Directory of Professional Preparation Programs in the Career Center Library and the TESOL website.

Considering licensure after graduation?

Talk with faculty in the Education Department to understand your options or use the resources on alternative certificate in the Career Center library. Many colleges offer one to two year programs for licensure.

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