3 Year Degree Programs

Planning Your Job Search

The Career Center offers a job search workshop during your student teaching, a "Teacher Employment" packet available in our office, resume reviews, as well as many other resources to help you plan your job search.

Begin by developing your resume.

  • See Resume Sample One and Resume Sample Two for resumes that demonstrate your teaching and professional experience.  Upload it into your Hiram CareerNet account or email it to the Career Center for review to be sure you have done an excellent job marketing your background.

Create an effective cover email or letter.  Many cover emails will accompany your electronic application and resume.

There are many strategies you can use to find a teaching job.  Your job search will be strongest if you use all of these strategies:

  • Attend career fairs!  Hiram College participates in NOTED, the Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day, every spring.
  • Set a geographic target and apply to every district in that area.
  • Network with other teachers, administrators, friends, Hiram alums, and professors to locate vacancies. Be active professionally; attend workshops.
  • Search vacancy lists from our website and apply to advertised vacancies.
  • Monitor school district websites to see if they post jobs in your certification area.

Be sure to develop a Plan A and a Plan B job search strategy, and think about how and WHEN you will implement Plan B. Don't leave Plan B to chance! Decide now what you will do if your first choice jobs don't seem to be available.

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