3 Year Degree Programs

Prepare for Interviews

To prepare for interviews, begin by researching the school district thoroughly.

  • Read the district's website and the requirements for the job carefully.
  • Ask the district administrators to send you a packet of community/district information. Read the local newspaper for articles about the community and the schools.
  • Ask a local realtor to send a packet on the local schools.
  • Network until you find more than one person familiar with that community and ask for their feedback.

See ODE District Reports for in-depth district information.

See the Interviewing section of our website for information about typical interviews. Similar principles apply to teaching interviews.

Types of Teaching Interviews:

Be prepared for different phases or types of interviews -

  • screening interview to see if you meet basic requirements, common at job fairs,
  • a panel interview with teachers, parents and/or administrators
  • a structured interview using preplanned and scripted questions
  • behavioral interviews based on your previous behavior (use STAR to respond)**
  • assessment centers where you may be asked to complete writing tasks, videotape a less or recreate a real-life teaching situation.
** Give a Situation or Task, your Action and the Result. Student teaching should provide you with many examples.

Top Ten Interview Topics:

Classroom management, student teaching experiences, strengths, weaknesses, teaching philosophy, "what if" questions, teaching styles,  motivational theories, lesson design,  and future plans.  Other common topics include parent relationships, professional development, standards knowledge and challenges of your student teaching.

As with any interview, follow up with a thank you letter on resume paper or plain "thank you" note cards.  It may be emailed or sent via mail as long as you respond within 24 hours.  Employers want to see that you have excellent professional behaviors and manners.

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