Teaching Resources

There are many interesting careers in education. Some require a public school license; some do not. This page contains resources for licensed teachers. See "Other Careers in Education" for Teaching in Independent Schools, Teaching Abroad, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Higher Education and other options.

Plan now to attend our teacher job fair in the spring-- NOTED, the Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day.

Issues for teachers to consider: Relocation

As most of you know, the job market in Ohio is tight for several reasons:

  • There are many "teacher training colleges," so there are more teachers in supply than demand requires.
  • A poor economy in Ohio has forced numerous districts to cut budgets and prevented school levies from passing.

One way to deal with a slow economy is to consider relocating where openings are more plentiful.  Many of our alumni have done this - and you can too!  Read the "Supply and Demand" forecast from AAEE in the Career Center. If you are considering relocation, learn about reciprocity to transfer your Ohio license to another state.

Keep on top of career issues in education with the Career Corner blog in Education Week.

Career Alternatives in Education

Are you wondering if the traditional classroom environment is for you? There are many other ways to use your interests and skills in related careers. Think about WHY teaching attracts you as an occupation and then consider these alternatives.

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