The Job Search: Nurses

As a nursing student, you will have the opportunity to develop professional skills from both your Hiram education and your clinical nursing experiences.   In order to be prepared for employment, you will want to get as much clinical experience as possible and take advantage of summer internship, research, and employment opportunities to build your skills and to develop strong job-seeking materials and skills.

Nursing Job Search Materials

Learn to write a strong resume and cover letter/email, and develop interviewing skills.  See sample resumes and typical interview questions for nursing candidates. 

Professional Experience before Graduation

Nursing has a structured curriculum with many clinical and classroom experiences required of all candidates.  To set yourself apart, you have chosen Hiram College where you can add a minor in Biomedical Humanities and participate in Study Abroad and community service programs.

Show your interest in and commitment to health concerns through your campus involvement including community service with health issues such as the Relay for Life, campus organizations such as FISH, and outreach programs to other students on health concerns.

Continue to distinguish yourself and  to develop additional skills in nursing with these experiences:

  • internships
  • research experience
  • summer jobs

The Career Center posts all our internships for students in Hiram CareerNet on the main page of our website or under Internships.  More science opportunities such as the National Institute of Health are listed on the Science menu on the Internship page. Below are just a few examples.  Talk to your faculty advisor or Career Center staff for more ideas.

Learn about LinkedIn professional networking, create a profile as a senior and join our group, Hiram College Nurses, to network with experienced Hiram nurses.


As most of you know, the job market in Ohio is tight for nursing as it is in other professions.  Relocating to other states may be an option you are considering, or you may be considering national programs that allow you to move you to other locations.  See the following site for information on licenses in other states: NCLEX examination

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