Counseling and Education

Most students of psychology start their career search with the American Psychological Association site.

Students looking for research opportunities for recent Bachelor's degree graduates should search the Human Resource pages of major research universities.

To explore social service opportunities or opportunities in non-profit organizations, you could begin your search at the Idealist, or Essential Organizations for links to non-profits. The Swearer Center "Careers in the Common Good" also offers many important resources for non-profit employment.

If you have an organization in mind that interests you, you can also search their website for information about employment. For example, the Eckerd Youth Alternative explains their program and offers employment opportunities from their website. (We have had at least two alums working there.)

If you have a career field in mind - like forensic psychology - and need to locate more information and possible jobs, try starting with the major professional organization - the American Academy of Forensic Science - for more information.

Many general employment databases exist on the web. Try to research and locate the ones that most fit your needs:

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