Computer Science, Technology and Math



In only a few minutes, it was possible to locate these websites with information for college graduates with a technical background. So how can someone decide how to approach the high tech/computer science job market? Think about your interests, abilities and skills. Set some goals for yourself. Research and contact companies aggressively to see what opportunities interest you.

Computer Science

Remember that computer sciences can make important contributions in virtually any type of organization that interests you. Hospitals, historical societies, arts organizations, theatres, public schools, international volunteer groups... if you can imagine it, they might employ you! Use your imagination and take advantage of the opportunities you have.


  • SIAM - Employment Listings
  • SIAM - Career Websites of SIAM Corporate Member Organizations

Here are some sites that include research information about technical careers.

Don't forget that you can log on to websites of companies that interest you and look directly for employment opportunities.

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