Learn About Yourself

"I'm confused about what major to choose."

Pretty common!  Start by learning about yourself – your interests, what's important to you about work, your skills and personality.  Get involved on campus, volunteer, attend events and speakers.  Study abroad/away.  Learn about the world and become a global citizen. 

And don't fall victim to the myths about majors.

"Isn't there a test to help me decide?"

No vocational test will tell you what to do but the following assessments will give you more information about yourself so you can make a decision.  It helps to talk over what you're learning so make an appointment with the staff in the Career Center and talk to your advisor, too.

  • Use Focus 2 to get started.  School access code=terrier
  • The Career Zone (based on the vocational test "The Self-Directed Search") provides a simplified interest inventory and then links to career ideas.
  • Your personality can help you determine where you might fit in a major or career.  Use 16 Personalities to get a simple profile.
  • An alternative is HumanMetrics - both are based on the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator.
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Transferable skills are the key to liberal arts success!

Writing clearly, solving problems, thinking critically, organizing – these important skills transfer to many career fields whether you developed them from your major, in campus activities, internships, or volunteer work.