Taking A Year Off?

Not sure what to do after graduation ... or maybe you just need to explore further before you make long-term career decisions? You may want to consider a one- or two-year commitment to one of these organizations. Each will provide at least a small income and an opportunity to explore your interests actively. More information is on file in the Career Center.


Many theaters offer one- and two-year apprenticeships. Check theater directories for names.

American Symphony Orchestra League
Deadline: November 1
One-year program provides recent graduates with practical training in various areas of orchestra management and administration. The program includes three separate assignments with professional orchestras, in-depth orientation into the music industry in New York City, and career counseling to name a few. Benefits include a stipend, paid travel and some relocation expenses, and medical insurance is available.

The Juilliard School
Deadline: June 1
Nine-month internships covering two areas: technical theater or arts administration in New York City, offering hands-on training in many areas within the school. Program allows exploration of different employment opportunities and often reinforces or redirects career goals. Stipend is provided.

Rochester Folk Art Guild
Apprenticeships available for people searching for a practical, hands-on approach to learning and living. You work with experienced master craftspeople in pottery, woodworking, weaving, and glassblowing, as well as taking part in the daily life of the community. Stipends and scholarships are sometimes available for apprenticeships six months or longer.


Service Civil International/International Voluntary Service
SCI provides international work camps that allow volunteers to take part in peacemaking, environmental, and social service initiatives. Accommodations and food are provided by the community or project sponsor. Long-term volunteer positions are available, the length is dependent upon the volunteer's preference and the laws of each country. These work camps are found all over the world; see the information on file in the Career Development office.

Institute for International Cooperation & Development, Inc. (IICD)
Twelve-month volunteer program to assist Angola in tree planting, teaching students, and advising families in health and nutritional issues. Six months spent abroad with preparation and follow-up periods in the United States.

Peace Corps
Deadline: One year before you are available
Peace Corps volunteers have been working in agriculture, education, forestry, health, engineering, and skilled trades since 1961 in over 90 countries, including Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. As the world changes and democracies emerge, countries are now requesting assistance in other areas, including business, the environment, urban planning, youth development, and teaching English.

English Conversation Instructors/Overseas
Teach English where teaching experience is not a prerequisite in most cases. Most are linked to our website at hiram.edu/career under "Employment," "Education." Some organizations that help with placement include:

BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide
Offers current U.S. students a chance to work and travel abroad in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, as well as a volunteer program in South Africa. Programs are anywhere from four months to one year long. More information is available online about the individual programs, eligibility requirements, and the application process.

Public service

Ohio Legislative Service Commission
Deadline: April 15
Internships as full-time employees to assist members of the Ohio General Assembly with legislative duties. Some of the duties have included writing news releases and speeches, weekly columns for local newspapers, and researching memos on topics of interest to the legislator. Most participants choose to remain in public service following internship. Stipend is provided.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc.
Deadline: April 1
Fellowship program for recent graduate or graduate student to assist in educating the Hispanic community in the political system, enhancing their leadership skills, and exposing them to policy-related careers. Round-trip transportation to and from Washington, D.C., and a monthly stipend is provided.

The Coro Foundation
Deadline: January 31
Nine-month internship involves a series of assignments (four to six weeks in duration) in government, labor, business, community, media, and political settings. Fellows also complete a six-week group project and an individual public service project exploring serious public concerns such as housing, economic development, and corporate social responsibility.

Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellowship
Deadline: February 15
Eleven-month fellowship to gain first-hand knowledge of the California legislature through work in the Capitol and a graduate seminar. Monthly stipend and benefits are provided.

Illinois Legislative Staff
Deadline: March 1
Ten-month internship available to research a wide variety of questions on public issues for legislators. The information is used to develop programs, support or oppose bills, and aid other legislative activities. A stipend is provided.

  • Science Writing for students who want to improve their ability to write for non-scientific readers. Most often researched are energy, the environment, waste disposal, health, and AIDS.
  • Partisan Staff researches issues, drafts bills, analyzes bills and agency budget requests to prepare for committee and floor action, and provides general staff work for the party you serve.

Kettering Foundation (Robert G. Chollar Research Associate Program)
Deadline: March 26
One- or two-year program to research and develop new ways for solving fundamental problems in politics and for achieving more effective public involvement in political life. Salary and benefits provided.

College Plus One/Washington Center
One-year program for college graduates seeking to expand their professional exposure. Program provides housing, internship placement, management and supervision in a placement site. Program combines The Washington Center's professional development program with an intensive career development and job search technique class.

Job Corps Academic/Vocational Education Internship Program
One-year program for graduate students enrolled in academic education, vocational education, and human resources development. Stipend provided but no benefits included.

Specialized areas

NCAA Ethnic Minority & Women's Internship Program
Deadline: February 17
One-year internship with goals to increase the pool of and opportunities for ethnic minorities and female candidates in intercollegiate athletics through postgraduate internships at the NCAA national office. Areas of focus include coaching, athletic administration, and officiating. Monthly stipend provided for a select number of internships at the national office.

Mils*James Productions
Deadline: April 18
Six-month to one-year program providing on-the-job training and work experience preparing for a career in video and film production. Training areas include field and studio video production, graphic design/animation, post-production, sales/marketing, administration, and many more. Weekly pay and limited benefits provided.

The American-Scandinavian Foundation
Deadline: November 1
Up to one-year fellowships or grants offered for research or study in one or more Scandinavian countries. Fellowships are intended to support a year-long stay for candidates to continue study or research. Grants are suited for post-graduate scholars, professionals, or candidates in the arts to carry out research or study visits of one to three months' duration.

Pulliam Journalism Fellowship
Deadline: March 1
Ten-week internship for graduates with a firm commitment to newspaper journalism, working as reporters, editorial writers, or copy editors. Five locations are possible including Indianapolis or Phoenix. Stipend is provided.

The Devereux Foundation
Six to twelve-month pre-professional traineeship or externship for recent graduate, junior, or senior. Exposes trainees to the roles and functions of practicing psychologists, enabling them to refine career goals and make informed decisions about entering psychology as a career. Stipend and benefits are provided.

Southern Poverty Law Center
One-year position for candidate who has a background in teaching with an interest in equity issues. The Teaching Tolerance Research Fellow will provide writing and research support for the center's magazine and assist with the development of teacher's guides.

Camfel Productions
This producer of scholastic programs offers opportunities to young Christian graduates who'd like to wait a year before embarking upon a career. The graduate would travel the country and aid the company in presenting its multi-media programs to schools, churches, and other organizations.

Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice
This year-long, full-time, salaried position offers candidates the opportunity to be engaged in health care advocacy in Washington D.C. Candidates will work in the Families USA offices working on communication campaigns with state-based health advocacy organizations.

Summer publishing institutes

Columbia Publishing Course
This is a tuition-based, six-day seminar for publishing professionals. Faculty members are nationally-recognized and are leaders in print and digital publication. Participants will acquire the skills necessary to make informed decisions about what tools, techniques, and new business models are needed to develop successful electronic and print publications.

University of Denver Publishing Institute
Also a tuition-based program, this publishing institute is a full-time, four-week, graduate-level course that devotes itself to all aspects of book publishing. The institute provides workshops and teaching sessions in editing, marketing, and production, as well as career counseling. A job fair is held at the end of the program to assist students in finding positions.

New York University: Center for Publishing; School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Another program with a tuition, the Columbia Publishing Course involves 100 students for six weeks. Students will simulate magazine and book production processes, hone their resumes and participate in a special career fair. The program is for those with a love of literature and language as well as a respect for the printed word.

University of Virginia: Continuing and Professional Studies Publishing and Communications Institute
This week-long summer publishing institute is tuition-based and is designed for more professional publishing students. For the 2002 session, the focus will be on e-publishing and the strengths, weaknesses, trials, and benefits that come with it. Registration is limited, which provides an intimate, customized experience for students.

Teaching - not for teachers only

Sewickley Academy, McCune Fellows
This is a one-year teaching program for African-American college seniors (program to begin following fall) at an independent, co-educational school. Compensation is provided, and fellows will teach the equivalent of a half-time load, receive mentoring, and participate in the extracurricular life of the school. No certification or specific major is required.

The Andover Teaching Fellowship Program
Deadline: March 1
One-year program at Phillips Andover Academy (boarding school) in Andover, Massachusetts, providing the recent graduate with an introduction to teaching at the high school level. Students come from all 50 states and foreign countries. A mentor supports each teaching fellow in class preparation and helps evaluate their success. A stipend, medical insurance, housing, and meals are provided.

Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS)
Deadline: (contact AIMS for a listing of schools and deadlines)
One-year program teaching in one of 85 private, independent Maryland schools, providing the recent graduate with an introduction to teaching. A mentor will observe and discuss the fellows teaching as a support person. Compensation, teaching load, and assignment are left to the discretion of each school hiring an AIMS fellow.

The Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center
Deadline: April 15
Ten-month teaching internship in national park working with elementary students, combining ecology and nature awareness with visual arts, music, theater, verbal expression, integrating multi-cultural studies, environmental problems, and student action using computers for learning and communicating. Stipend, housing, and meals provided (when students are in residence).

Aurora University/George Williams/Lake Geneva Campus
Nine-month internship or instructor positions available in an outdoor environmental education program. Two programs are available - Outdoor Environmental Education emphasizes the study of natural awareness, lake study, ground water, geology, weather, etc. for fifth through eighth graders. The second program, called (OWLS) - The Outdoors Wisconsin Leadership School, emphasizes team building, professional development, personal growth, and leadership programs for adolescents, college, and adult groups.

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
One-year internship, apprentice, or teaching fellow program providing experience in teaching within an independent school setting. Schools are located throughout the United States. Most pay a salary or stipend, or make other income-producing opportunities available.

St. Johnsbury Academy Teaching Fellowship
One-year fellowship program provides teaching experience in independent secondary education, including classroom teaching, extracurricular activities, and resident life. Areas include English, social studies, math, science, foreign language, and vocational training. Stipend, room and board in resident program, benefits, and tuition credits are provided.

Teach for America
Deadline: January 13
Two-year program providing teaching experience in under-resourced urban and rural public schools in America for recent graduates of all academic majors. Salary, possible loan deferral or forgiveness through AmeriCorps, and professional development are provided.

Austrian American Educational Commission - Fulbright Commission
Deadline: February 15
U.S. teaching assistants are assigned to one or two Austrian secondary schools and required to assist teachers of English in classroom instruction 12 hours per week. Applicants should have at least a Bachelor's degree and be interested in careers in education. A working knowledge of German is required and necessary to facilitate classroom work.

Volunteer programs (provide subsistence wages)

Jesuit Volunteers
Volunteer program with focus in four basic areas: social justice, simple lifestyle, community, and spirituality. Opportunities are available regionally, nationally, and internationally. Small monthly stipends and room and board are provided but volunteers deliberately live sparsely. Some programs may require specific credentials or licenses, but most just need a general education and willingness to learn.

AmeriCorps *VISTA and *NCCC
Americorps is a national network of community-based efforts in results-driven services, combining private, public, and non-profit sector resources with human capital (people) in order to achieve goals set by local communities.

  • AmeriCorps*VISTA is a one- or two-year program that places volunteers in disadvantaged communities to help residents become more self-sufficient. Members live in the communities they serve with local sponsors in rural and urban areas in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Volunteers receive living allowance, deferment or partial cancellation of student loans, stipend upon completion of their one-year commitment, and may be eligible for non-competitive appointments in the federal civil service.
  • AmeriCorps*NCCC (the National Civilian Community Corps) is a 10-month program to help improve the environment, conduct environmental education programs in schools and community centers, and provide intensive disaster relief. Members receive living allowance, room and board, limited health care benefits, and an education award to pay for college or student loans.

Student Conservation Association (SCA)
Deadlines may vary from year to year
SCA is the nation's largest and oldest provider of national community service opportunities in the conservation field, securing positions for students and adults. Volunteers interested in preserving the environment are sought after for programs maintaining our public lands and natural resources. Stipend may be provided.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Deadline: March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1
One- or two-year program in Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington D.C., and Wilmington. Volunteers serve in social justice programs and include working with children, counseling rape survivors and AIDS patients, staffing shelters for the homeless, tutoring adults, etc. Stipend is provided.

Westmoreland Volunteer Corps
Deadline: March 15
One-year Christian volunteer program in the Washington, D.C.-area working for service or advocacy agencies, providing aid to the homeless, poor, elderly, and runaway youths supported by a local church, the Westmoreland Congregational Church of Christ. Housing, health insurance, food allowance, and personal expense stipend provided.

Mercy Ships
Volunteer program utilizing ocean-going vessels to bring physical and spiritual healing to the poor and needy in port cities around the world.

VESS - Volunteers for Educational & Social Services
One-year Christian volunteer program in the State of Texas responding to the economic, educational, and spiritual needs of people throughout Texas, providing experiences to gain leadership skills and ways to connect faith and work.

Good Shepherd Volunteers
One- or two-year volunteer programs in human service areas including group/foster homes for adolescents, alternative school, and daycare programs, community centers, and shelters for homeless women.

Global Mission Intern Program

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
One-week to two-year programs for graduates considering faith-based volunteer and missionary service.

Volunteer Ministries/United Church of Christ
Two-week to one-year (or longer) programs offering domestic and international opportunities for graduates considering faith-based volunteer and missionary service. Volunteers can serve in many capacities including emergency shelter facilities, outdoor ministry programs, habitat programs, women's advocacy, organic farming, and health advocacy, to name a few.

Gethsemane Mission Year/ Disciples of Christ
Young adults between the ages of 21 and 29 are eligible for this year of urban-centered ministry in Washington D.C. The program covers living expenses, health insurance, a personal stipend, food allowance, and eligibility for student loan deferment and an AmeriCorps education award.

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