Use LinkedIn and network for a more productive job search

Why should a college student or recent grad use LinkedIn?

  • Connect to people who can help you/develop your professional network such as Hiram alums
  • Find an internship or job; meet HR reps
  • Prepare for interviews

If you're not on LinkedIn actively, your job search will not be as satisfying or successful. Plus whenever you run out of steps in your job search, login to LinkedIn and poke around for more ideas or connections!

To get started, create an account.

  • Write an informative headline. Avoid using your current job title (Dish room worker)  Be forward-thinking:  "Junior science student looking for a biochemistry internship" OR "Recent sociology graduate interested in child abuse prevention"
  • Choose an appropriate picture – a headshot in a neutral setting
  • Develop a summary statement that describes your interests
  • Use keywords like "marketing" and "social media" in your statement

Choose sections to fit your experience as a student:  courses, honors, languages, organizations, projects etc.

Make the most of your education: include major projects, senior seminars and research, conferences.

To complete your profile, ask for recommendations from faculty, employers, coaches – not people who know you casually.

Now what?

  • Join affiliation groups like Hiram College Career Center, Hiram College alumni group, or Hiram College Alums Teaching English Overseas
  • Join professional groups by career field or geographic location.

Link professionally

  • Always customize your message; don't use the default.
  • "My history professor suggested I contact you about your internship program."

Be clear about what you need.

  • An information interview about their career field?
  • A contact within their company for more information?
  • To stay connected after an in-person meeting?

Use Advanced Search/Features:

  • Try – Advanced search (button next to Search) and keyword "Hiram" and company to find names of all company employees who list Hiram on their profile
  • Try -- Advanced Search and keyword "baseball" to find potential connections who list baseball on their profiles
  • Try – LinkedIn Jobs – Students and Recent Grads for more ideas

Prepare for interviews on LinkedIn

  • Read company profiles and follow the organization.
  • Read profiles of your interviewer – look for their career path; don't stalk!
  • Check for background of recent hires.
  • Don't use LinkedIn for thank you notes.  Write an email or letter.
  • Don't neglect real networking in person.

Your first Link?  Join us in the Hiram College Career Center group.

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