Test Registration and Preparation

Most graduate and professional schools require aptitude tests for admission similar to the ACT or SAT you took to apply to college.  See the testing links under Tools for more info.

Review materials are available free of charge for the GRE or for sale on some test registration websites.   Successful candidates download practice tests, review and do at least one and preferably two practice tests which are also on the test websites. Ready to get started?  Watch GRE® Success Starter: The test taker's guide to doing your best.  

Rule of thumb:  get tests out of the way the summer before your senior year. 

Strong scores on required tests are critical for acceptance at your chosen grad school.  Take the tests seriously, and set aside significant review and preparation time for them.

If you feel you need extra discipline, you could also take a review class. The Career Center sponsors a short free GRE information session early in September and review classes are offered at the following universities for a small fee:

Commercial companies offer excellent test review seminars but at a significant expense. Examples include:

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