Health Professions

Medical School

Medical schools prefer students planning for either the M.D. or the D.O. degree not to devote their studies solely to courses in the sciences. Rather, they encourage students to develop strong liberal arts backgrounds, excellent work in the science core, and a concentration in one academic area. Students considering medical school should be in touch with a member of the science faculty for advice about coursework and taking the MCAT.

MEDICUS, the Hiram pre-med club, meets regularly to provide information and support to pre-med students. The club often arranges for practice MCATs, invites speakers to campus, and sponsors field trips. Look for publicity on their activities in the science buildings or contact the Health Science advisors.

Health Professions

Although medical school is often the first health profession you may consider, there are many others that may be more interesting to you.

Below are some of the most useful sites:

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