Choosing Graduate Programs

There are many innovative and challenging graduate and professional school programs available.  In addition to your discipline, look for specialized programs that might open new career options.

Examples include judicial administrator, health informatics, trauma and violence transdisciplinary studies, arts administration, and science entrepreneurship.

Graduate school references

Look for specialized lists of graduate programs as well

  • Check out the Career Development Library for directories on graduate school programs in psychology and social work, genetics, public administration, and others.
  • Your advisor may have a list of programs related to your major.
  • Search for the main professional organization in your proposed field. Professional organizations often list graduate schools under headings such as Education or Careers. A few examples include:

Online Graduate Programs

Many excellent programs have been developed by reputable and accredited universities.  Be sure to check them out carefully, however, to be certain that you will get the education you want.  A good start – online programs at existing "brick and mortar" universities.

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LinkedIn can be a good source for exploring graduate programs: