Full-time Jobs

What's the best strategy to find your first job?

  • apply for employment vacancies
  • network with Hiram college alumni, family, friends, professors
  • research employers that interest you and apply
  • attend relevant career fairs and employment events

Apply for Employment Vacancies                                       

A key step in your job search:  identify a strong list of potential employers.  While networking is the most effective way to accomplish this, applying for advertised vacancies is also critical to your success.  Some employers come to Hiram to interview candidates for their vacancies.  These campus recruiting visits will be advertised to all qualified seniors.  Read our newsletters!

Employers post jobs for new college graduates on their own websites, in college employment databases like our Hiram CareerNet, at Career Fairs like OFIC CareerFest and on general employment databases.  To conduct an effective job search, you will want to use all these resources to identify a list of potential jobs.

Hiram CareerNet, our online employment database

Careerbuilder or Monster are large national databases, not exclusively for college graduates.

Databases with jobs primarily for new college graduates:

Databases with jobs in Ohio/Northeast Ohio

SimplyHired.com, Indeed.com and Hound.com are national consolidators; they search job boards (Indeed) and Human Resources sites (Hound) to identify posted vacancies by job type/keyword. 

SimplyHired.com will also show your LinkedIn connections for each job.

Employment Vacancies by Career Area

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